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dear musicians... stop selling your soul and keep your integrity


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well it's about f**king time that musicians and artists themselves started to take some responsibility for the sorry state of affairs in the music bidness.

hasn't anybody else ever wondered why every artist/band has to end up with a major label contract? i understand that is the current environment but i often wonder what would happen if more artists started to control their own destiny a little more.

things like pearl jam (i think... or was it radiohead... i can't remember) trying to fight ticketmaster can only go so far if it's only one band doing the fighting. do you really think ticketmaster could have that control if NOBODY would play those venues?

the problem with that and with the massive music labels is that there will always be people willing to sell their souls to industry execs to get famous and get their music heard. most artists receive a few beans for all the albums they sell and only make money from touring. personally i'd rather pay an artist $15 for an album knowing they'll see that majority of that money instead of paying $10 and knowing they'll see a small portion and all label related expenses (ie. salaries/marketing/promos/etc) will get the bulk of it.

for me i don't see much of a problem file sharing all the fatcat major label releases but i have a real problem with the independant artist/labels being ripped off because they really do need that money. the current situation is just giving further incentive to indie-minded artists to sign with the big guys so they'll have the big wallets to use in file sharing lawsuits.

i spend thousands of dollars a year on independant vinyl releases so i don't have enough money to support music industry execs who are out there to rip off artists. and you can bet that even though i support artists by purchasing music... if it ain't major label then nobody cares. apparently i'm still "stealing" if i download some superstar artist who's being promoted out the wazoo and shoved in everybody's face.

fuck that garbled nonsense...
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it was pearl jam.

and you diatribe is correct as to why there's so much shite. it's all about process and no substance. here's the hook...
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