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Dear House Room,

le bricoleur

TRIBE Member
You used to be informative and witty. What happened, dude? Did you start listening to micro house? Is that why you've become so limp dicked lately? Come back soon. We miss you.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I agree re: witty. When I first started posting it was a different game in the House Room...where is the over the top sense of humor gone? :confused:
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hey remember the take-offs of the joe canadian,'i am canadian' ads?

could some-one post the deep house version? i know some former ghm dudes must have it

now that was funny. thanks.

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F.Aquino said:
I left in on the beach in miami....

along with my brain and 5 years of my life:cool:

same here.

And by the way, when the hell is someone gonna bring in the Swedish House Mafia?
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Nothing wrong with cheese....
This forum doesn't reek of stink. There's no funk.
My room reeks of funky cheese.


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le bricoleur said:
Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrossia, Eric Prydz and Axwell.

(and not all of there stuff is cheesey)


ill admit that i do like some of the swiss cheese mafia stuff
and admittedly, some of the cheesiest stuff is the stuff i like best. for example: that remix of sex and sun by prydz
yo yo kidz is also wicked and so is that angello remix of magnollia
obviously a lot of the cirez d stuff is killer too
and lets not forget about the gift


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