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Deacon's Final Post - Wintergalactic Saga.


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Hey everyone,

Well now that I am back from Miami I wanted to clear up a couple things about what happened with Wintergalactic 2002, and give you some info in regards to getting your money back if you bought tickets, as well as write my final posting on this bulletin board.

First off, from the beginning Andre, Peter, Arnold, Jay, Nick D, Erika, Alex&Bryan, Christian, Laura, Heather&Malia, and I and the rest of the sonic state family and certain partnering organizations put everything we had in us to bring the 3rd installment of Wintergalactic..I want to thank so many people for dedicating themselves by helping get Djs, promoting with flyers, and OS/2 for helping with logistical stuff. Everyone involved had an incredible sense of support for what we were doing and for that I deeply thank you all.

After reading all the posts now that I can, I wanted to say that I agree that Andre should not have posted the long-winded emotional novels about what was going on...from outside the box I would just want to know whether the event was happening or not...so you could move on...In his defense I put him in a very stressful position by going to Miami to do our event there (which was a success BTW), so I could see he was suffering. For that I fucked up.

Once we lost the Convention Centre, and the police gave us their escaled quote and were getting the run around from The Docks, I just wanted to postpone until next year, especially since I was not there...I do admire his motivation to try and salvage the event though...I was in the dark for a week too as all of you. I was greatly concerned for all the international media and flight arrangements for them and the DJs. I just really felt that it was not going to happen.

While I was in Miami I have now found out that my partner being under the pressure that he was, spread some seriously untrue bad rumours about me, like that I was not coming back and that I was a scam artist...For those of you that I have met this past week to make payment arrangements, you know this was not true, and for people who truly know me know the truth as well..If there is one thing I realize, its that we fucked up greatly and we have to make up for our mistakes. Now that Andre and I are no longer partners I am willing to pay back every DJ, media who bought plane tix, outstanding debts from State, and work done for Sonic State still owing. Some of the DJs that frequent this board also payed me a registration fee to join our DJ Roster...this money will be returned to you as well, along with whatever help you may need to get booking throughout the network I have formed over the years.

I have spoken with most of the international and local companies we dealt with for the convention..some are understanding and some are pissed...and rightfully. While at my new job in New York I will be working on sponsoring an upcoming event to make up for everything for you the party people who have supported us and for those of you who haven't you'll just have to see for youself. For the people owed money by us I will be paying everyone from my salary as an A&R rep at my new company. I will contact all of you one by one to organize things, and all I can say is just wait so you can see that all my intentions were 100% solid and that I keep my promises..please email me at sonicstate@onebox.com

Most of you are probably wondering..Why is he posting this here?? The answer is because many of you that frequent the board are owed an explanation from Sonic State, or what it used to be. As the company is solely registered to me I am responsible for ALL debts and already have gotten a lawyer to sort through everything. I thought the least I could do is offer you my explanation for what happened and what the future holds for Sonic State.

Now in regards to people who have bought tickets and wanting your refund. You may start getting refunds as of April 15 and the last day to refund you tickets is May 1. Those of you who have bought tickets and still have them, please leave your name and contact info at the ticket outlet so you will get into MY next event free, which is already in the works. Once made, you will also receive the Wintergalactic 2002 Compilation CD by mail.

So to all the party people who were excited about this event, and to all the talented DJs slated to perform, and all the media outlets who helped promote on their mediums, and to all the amazing people who believed in Sonic State and what we were trying to achieve with our family....I AM SORRY FOR NOT COMING THROUGH WITH WHAT WE CALLED OUR DREAM!

"Wintergalactic would have been a magical experience that would have changed everything in our scene..." a rep I met from MTV in Miami.

For those of you that think that this is all bullshit and just another excuse or strategic move..so be it..we still brought Toronto some of the best events, that have been recognized internationally, which is why we were able to contract the lineup we did.

Peace and Respect to you all, and have an amazing party experience in the next 6 months...thank you for everything over the last 3 years.


P.S. I welcome all hate mail, support mail, and questions to the above email address.


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a clarification

okay..from the emails i have gotten and not gotten, i feel the need to clarify something...and no i am not trying to bump my post..

my primary reason to post what i did was to get people that sonic state owes money to, a contactable email address, which is sonicstate@onebox.com. please email me in the next week.

i need people who we owe to get a hold of me so i can make everything right the best i can, by getting all the info to my lawyer..

to the positive emails i have gotten about wishing me the best of luck...thank you.


p.s. hey alex d i am glad you got to talk to andre, as i haven't even seen him, since we split.