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De La Soul to release entire catalog of music online for free. tomorrow.

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the albums from 3 Feet High to Stakes is High are ALL essential, don't sleep if you're missing any of these.

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Screw Tidal, this is a group worth supporting. They've already met their goal in one day but you can still get in on it.


De La Soul love sampling, so much so that they feel as if a whole branch of copyright law was invented just for them. The sample-heavy trio (for three is the magic number) didn't want to have to compromise their artistic vision for their ninth album, so took to Kickstarter to ask for your cash. It didn't take long before the group smashed its $110,000 crowdfunding goal, and so the new De La Soul album will find its way into mailboxes this September.

Rather than sample other artists work, the gang decided to create over 200 hours of original riffs and tunes with LA session musicians. Now, the trio will delve into this library to build the samples necessary to record their new album. As usual, the group will fuse elements of hip hop with jazz, funk, rock and whatever else they're feeling "in the moment," ably assisted by artists such as 2 Chainz, Damon Albarn and David Byrne.

The album has already been backed, but latecomers can still pledge $15 to pre-order a digital copy, or $25 for a CD version. If you've got $2,000 to spare, you can spend an afternoon sneaker pimping with Pos at his favorite stores in NYC and get a pair of kicks from his personal collection. One rich backer has already picked up the best perk, however, spending $7,000 to spend a day in the studio recording a skit for the record.