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David Suzuki Lecture


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The Japanese Canadian Cultural Center presents Dr. David Suzuki on March 31/2002.

At the center that I do Judo, i came across a flyer advertising this lecture that Suzuki is doing. He'll be speaking on “The Japanese-Canadians: 125 Years of Achievement”. Regardless of the subject matter, Suzuki is truly a genius, and anything he chooses to discuss will no doubt be very informative and interesting.

Just thought i'd give a heads up for any of those interested in attending.

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is located at 6 Garamond Court, Don Mills, Ontario Canada M3C 1Z5. Just off Wynford drive.

www.jccc.on.ca for more info

Sunday, March 31

Admission Free

Dr. David Suzuki Lecture
On March 31 from 2pm at the JCCC, please join us for an afternoon with acclaimed Japanese-Canadian author, broadcaster and environmentalist, Dr. David Suzuki. Dr. Suzuki will be the first speaker in our series of speaker sessions, “The Japanese-Canadians: 125 Years of Achievement”, highlighting the accomplishments of the Japanese-Canadian community in the 125 years since the arrival of the first Japanese immigrant to Canada, Manzo Nagano, in 1877. Dr. Suzuki will discuss recent books such as, The Japan We Never Knew: A Voyage of Discovery and Good News for a Change: Hope for a Troubled Planet, setting his work within the context of the Japanese-Canadian experience. David Suzuki is an award winning scientist, environmentalist, broadcaster and author. He was born in Vancouver, B.C. in 1936. In 1942, at the age of six, he was interned at a camp in British Columbia, where he spent the war years. In his book, The Japan We Never Knew: A Voyage of Discovery, Dr. Suzuki asks the question: “Is Japan the homogenized, monolithic nation it's often portrayed to be?” In order to answer this question, Dr. Suzuki, and Keibo Oiwa, a Japanese anthropologist, traveled around Japan talking to people who do not fit the stereotype but are "making a difference." The authors visited the Ainu, Okinawans, and Koreans, as well as Japanese set apart from the majority--the burakumin ("untouchable" caste), and Japanese who have returned after a period abroad. The authors met activists working for peace, human rights, and the environment, as well as common people trying to retain their heritage through a return to traditional ways of life. They found in Japan a rich diversity of cultures and individual expression and, based on this experience, wrote a strong, thoughtful book which won international critical praise. Dr. Suzuki’s most recent book is, Good News for a Change: Hope for a Troubled Planet. In this work, Dr. Suzuki and Holly Dressel, with whom he wrote the best-selling book From Naked Ape to Super-species, accomplished something very rare in the annals of modern environmental writing. Their new effort is a work that fully lives up to its name. It provides existing, practical templates for real, systemic change, not just in the way people treat the natural world, but in the way we treat one another. It functions as an antidote for the feelings of anger and helplessness brought on by recent events. From their introduction, “So What’s the Good News?” the book offers examples of how easy it can be to live in a way that will keep the planet producing natural benefits for our children—indefinitely. In Good News, the reader meets people who are learning how to avoid toxins and cleanse the planet; they visit schools that teach children in ways that increase their joy in life and free them from many of today’s problems, like violence and learning disorders. They see forests and rivers brought back from the dead, and explore a system of living that bases its values not on the corporate bottom-line, but on scientific reality and human morality. We look forward to a fascinating afternoon with Dr. Suzuki as he discusses “the hidden Japan”; offers positive messages for living in the post September 11 world; and offers his insights into the Japanese-Canadian experience. We hope you will join us. Please contact the JCCC to confirm your attendance.
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I went to see him speak once and he was amazing!!
very motivational.
I wanted to save the world when I left.

he's a phenomenal man - I would definitely check him out again!!


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This would be a really cool lecture to check out... The only problem is that it's out in the middle of nowhere!!! :( thanks for posting none-the-less steve! I may check it out... *S*



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I saw him speak about a year or two ago at Chapters to promote his new book. He started speaking at 2 pm, and by 12:30 the place was so packed you couldn't move. My interest was peaked even though I was just browsing for some new books and I hung around and heard him speak and he was phenomenal. One of the true Canadians to be proud of ;) ...I wonder if he spoke in Montreal if he'd lecture in french? Otherwise I'll definetly check this out over Easter when I'm home



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oh DAMN i didnt realize that was easter sunday.... uhoh, i have major plans for that whole weekend! *cringe* my parents are not going to be pleased *S*