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14K Cannabis seed slider pendants by tribe

David Morales

Tribe 14K gold cannabis seed slider pendant and chain


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bmoneyhoney said:
Morales is also spinning at the church and maitland stage this friday night around 9ish..

wooohoo! i will be there.
i'll be there too b$.....
i'll be on the lookout for you!


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i've been listening to some BEAUUUUTIFUL Phil Weeks sets all afternoon and now i wish he was spinning at Sonic rather than Morales.

blasphemy? perhaps, but these dirty funky pumpin house beats are fitting my mood to a T at the moment. Morales really pissed me off last night with his little tease tracks - i just hate spending all of a set going "OH! i LOVE this track!" only to never have it CoME I!N!!:mad:

my nails look fabulous - i don't think i've dressed this sharply in a long time. the fags bring out my fabulousness - WEEEEEEE!!!

see you with the bass in my face, bitches. technics1200 technics1200