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David Morales at Sonic on Pride


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i arrived around 4:45 or 5am with Hali who promptly decided that $30 was too rich for his blood. i was WASTED, sat down at the back of the club, and fell asleep.

yup! i slept off and on for 2 HOURS. i woke up and thought - Maria, you didn't spend $30 on cover to fall asleep on Pride. my legs were jello and i thought i was going to puke. i walked around a bit and decided to ingest one of those funky little pills the kids seem to enjoy from time to time.

the music was what i'd expected at Pride, and the proggy-darker stuff he actually did play on the streets sounds sooooooooo much better on the soundsystem at Sonic.

everything sounds better on the soundsystem at Sonic.

i danced like crazy, have a faint recollection of making out with someone (if you can prove it, i can't agree or deny), i apparently grinded on the dancefloor with my roommate's boyfriend. i always seem to get into this kind of trouble. next time i decide to do drugs, someone remind me not to get wasted first. i can never remember anything!

it was über weird to step out for my first smoke of the night - it was light out!! wasn't expecting that! talked to a ton of people, introduced and re-introduced myself. wait. i seem to remember the particularly pretty boys getting bitten on the tummies. it wasn't me. :O :p

my roommate's crazy and i love him to bits. he walked around in the nun outfits again, but replaced me with another girl -- i wasn't much up for it.

the sunshine hitting us at 10am was soooooooooo nice. hit the dancefloor for a bit even though my legs were officially dunzo and decided to leave after i heard "here i am" (Kaskade remix) on the Sonic speakers.

no epiphane, but a hella tons of fun. left at 11ish after a txt from DaveHill saying, "come on England! where are you?" world cup called. Morales played every remix and every track he ever worked on. didn't catch any of the stage performances, so i can't comment.

bummed i fell asleep and didn't catch any of Sundays activities. slept like 15 hours yesterday. booooooooooo. t'wasn't meant to be.

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