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David Morales and the Smirnoff Fashion Awards

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by FunK_DoCta, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. FunK_DoCta

    FunK_DoCta TRIBE Member

    It was an alright night at the Kool Haus. David has spun better sets but oh well I still had fun. Unfortunately I was unable to catch the fashion show. Did anyone see it cause everyone I heard from said it sucked. Ah well.

    MOFO: I saw you there...what did you think?
  2. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Ah the Shmirnoff awards [​IMG]

    Lets just say free alcohol is NOT that great an idea.

    It was interesting seeing Toronto's "Fashion Community" boozing and schmoozing. Lots of leather jackets and coked up fakeness. But it was fun. Something different.

    I don't know shit-all about fashion, but in my humble opinion the ugliest stuff won, and all the best designers walked away with nothing. Bah.
  3. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Yeah, it wasn't what I expected Jon. And there was only vodka there so I have a Smirnoff hangover. But it was free. So I can't complain. But I can complain.

    The show was a big disappointment since it wasn't as crazy and outrageous as I thought it would be. The theme was "Urban Fusion" but I didn't think there was much thought put into the pieces. Some of them were very funky but if the designer only has 2 pieces to show, then I would suggest going ALL OUT.

    All in all, I had a spectacular time. Not only did I get to see and meet a whole bunch of celebrities and familiar faces in the industry, they had mini-hamburgers being carried around by Smirnoff rollerbabes.

    And again, the free drinking was insane. I think I went a little overboard but who didn't? But I was stupid enough to pay for a drink (7 bucks!) when the afterparty began because there were still free drinks going around.

    Sarah looked fabulous as my partner in crime and we staked out Jeanne Beker, models eatin' in the lounge and ogled the models getting their makeup done. Sarah will write a review later about our backstage adventure. [​IMG]

    And I daringly (and drunkenly) climbed up to the DJ booth (SO SHAKY AND UNSTABLE!) to meet David Morales. I had to. I wanted to be a DJ whore for once. And yes, he IS as hot in person. And he was a total gentlemen as well. The set was alright but nothing too special. Lots of nostalgic 90's house goin' on. I thought Matt C had a better flavour.

    I was not too pleased with the crowd though. I mean, it was an event celebrating fashion and music but there was SUCH a lack of diversity in the crowd. Too many Emporio Armani suits, too many Louis Vuitton purses, too much black. Not enough glitter makeup. Not enough drag queens. Not enough button-pushers. But a fair amount of well-dressed people with great smiles which overshadowed the suits.

    Great to see FunK DoCta. And Patrick (Chickpea's hottie friend). And of course, Gunark and his hot date. And the wonderful Triber who I'm allowed to say was there. You made my night. [​IMG]

    But where were you, Dimpy? I wanted to come say hi! Anyone else there that I didn't see?
  4. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    And of course, Alex for hooking us up. Press pass = secret restricted area bathroom without a lineup. [​IMG] (Did u have a good time?)

    I hope you got some shots of the attendees because I don't think I got many. I had a hard time looking for people I wanted to shoot. I did get a lot of shots of the hot models though. Heh.
  5. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

  6. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    MoFo if you want to see an all-out drag queen spectacle, you have to go to Fashion Cares. It's quite a show. [​IMG]
  7. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    i feel like a real fashionista now!

    i have no time now and i'm gonna write a real overview of the event later this weekend when i have time...

    sunny - we definately were the coolest 'media' there! so fun! thanks SO much alexd!

    just quickly, the nite was fun. more for the people watching aspect and making fun of pretension aspect...the actual show was allright. not mind blowing. fairly cliche in fact. but more on that later....

    some funny things i saw...models chowing down on brownies, waiters on rollerblades serving minihamburgers, nadine from EC chatting me up in the bathroom and much much more....stayed tuned.

  8. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    *gasp* Are u asking me out on a date? [​IMG]
  9. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Only if you promise to put out [​IMG]
  10. sohaness

    sohaness TRIBE Member

    was she talking a mile a minute like she does on her show?? that chick is so fake...

  11. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member


    didn't make it due to the fact i was playing nurse to a friend with a broken achilles tendon, but don't worry i'm already planning my outfit for fashion cares (actually i just want an excuse to get something made!)

    yeah it's true these things can be a little tame if it's not in you- i find trick is to drink a lot, throw you're head back and laugh like your fabulous and everyone knows it-but you already are so who needs to pretend? [​IMG] and then to dance and party like it's a regular night at your favorite regular haunt.

    ->doesn't jeanne beker look way better (and bustier) in person?
  12. Skip

    Skip TRIBE Member

    I had a good time there. I had never seen David Morales but I did enjoy his set.

    I was one of the guys who put on the visuals for the night. Did anyone see them? What did ya think? Feedback would be appreciated.

    The only problem with these events is that the corporate sponsors (in this case Smirnoff) goes too far I think with their
    logos everywhere.

    I do think it is cool that they spend so much cash to promote some artistic things like this. I mean, it is a great chance for all the young designers and the winner gets a sweet prize pack. I just think that if they put less of their name everywhere it would add to
    the night that they are supporting.

  13. deacon

    deacon TRIBE Member


    i agree with the above post completely...EVERYONE already knew that Smirnoff was responsible, but Ii felt there was an XBOB attack going on again..

    i thought david's set was pretty good. it was the first time that i saw him live so it was cool.

    to sum up the people, although there were probably some of the most beautiful people in the scene there, alot of them were soooo plastic. to be expected at an event like that though [​IMG]

    it was amazing to see several REAL friends there, that i hadn't seen in a long time. drinking ice after ice with old bus is ALWAYS enjoyable.

    i have to agree with the decor though. Smirnoff has all kinds of resources ever and could of done a much better job making the atmosphere more creative.

    all in all it was a fun night and i am glad i went...looking forward to fashion cares, as it never disappoints...when is it this year?

    ciao, (how appropriate!) [​IMG]

  14. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Yeah, but no one's going to go "oh wow, look at the wonderful way that Smirnoff spaced out their logos!"

    It's all brand identity again. I mean, Smirnoff wants to be trendy and to be trendy, they have to target the fashion crowd so that its name can be synonymous with fashion and art when it has NOTHING to do with fashion and art.

    Same with corporate sponsorships of charity events and such. It's not really to make you buy more Smirnoff (if you can believe that), it's more of a popularity campaign, to give "life" and "identity" to the brand. And THEN inevitably, the sales aspect starts nudging its way through the competition.

    I'd like to see a company nurture something that's important and not put one single bit of advertising.
  15. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Actually, I noticed the visuals. Do you work for Alliance?

    Really nice footage. I liked the mix of pop culture stuff mixed in with stock footage. The jungle scene in Human Traffic was a little out of place though. For that kind of event, I would've liked to have seen more of glitzy campy imagery like Wigstock footage and gay house clubs and maybe even anime. (?)

    But the diversity in the footage was great.
    And the rolling cam was awesome. I noticed a lot of wicked shots of the girl on the stilts and the go-go dancers cross-fading with the projections. Very cool. Looked really professional.
  16. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    "URBAN FUSION" here we come folks! urban fusion was the theme of this years Smirnoff International Fashion Awards at the Warehouse. (no, i will never call it the kool haus Not entirely clear on the theme or our place in it, Sunny and I headed off for our adventure into fashionista land. Arrived at the event and checked in with all the other media, all the while snickering slightly at the fact, these people had know idea who they just let backstage!! tee hee...

    We spent the first part of our evening people watching and absorbing the 'schmooze' backstage. Pretty surreal back there....models getting their hair and makeup done, cameras and video cameras everywhere, designers getting interviewed, all sorts of toronto fashion types just generally trying to 'out cool' each other. the level of pretension was hilarious and it kept making me laugh. Some things that made me laugh out loud - seeing stick skinny models shoving brownies and thai food in their faces while smoking oh so glamourously, eavesdropping on the head of marketing for Smirnoff saying on camera 'how happy he was that all the regular folk outside could be with us here tonight'. he did say that he felt bad for budding through the line to be let in first. how kind [​IMG] nadine from EC was there in all her 'ravey' goodness...outfitted in some of the new fiction one piece jobs. sunny and i accosted her like she was some sort of celebrity and chatted her up. my conversation with her - sincere or fake? you decide [​IMG]

    After the bedlam of backstage, we returned to the world of laughing fabulously, checking out everyone's outfits and knocking back the free drinks. The crowd awaiting the show was very mixed. Alot of leather and suits mixed with the trendiest of the trendy. What made me chuckle at this point, was the irony of the fact that 'the trendiest of the trendy' were all dressed the same. Alot of women looked fabulous and hot but fabulously the same. Enough with the wide, low slung belts, the miss sixty jeans, the stilleto heels, and the fendi type bag. My trips to the bathroom provided some great people watching opportunities....a girl in what looking to be a outfit straight outta the ZZ top legs video got my nod. as did the rainbow brite look alike and the few drag queens i saw.

    The actual show was a slight dissappointment. I have attended Fashion Cares so I think that is what i was expecting. But it was still quite impressive. The 'urban fusion' theme was developed quite fully in the production but i felt it was a bit cliche. The goal was to blend fashion, music and dance from all corners of the world. This was most definately accomplished especially in the beginning when we had musical snippets from all over the world. Loved the heavy metal salute!! Each designer presented a 2 designs...all were impressive. My favourites included the South African designer whose street inspired clothes served several functions. A hooded tank top which turns into a skirt...i loved it! As well, the black leather numbers from the homegrown entry were interesting. I liked how the leather could be moved slightly and readjusted to reveal a completely new look.
    The winning entry was a punk inspired, colour explosion from New Zealand. Very cool and of course, completely unwearable. but thats fashion for ya!

    All in all, it was a fun nite. What irritates me tho is the over the top marketing. I know Smirnoff was the sponsor but stop bombarding me with that fact. The ever present "Smirnoff Urban Creatures" (aka the drink and food people) were good for a laugh tho as they rollerbladed by serving mini hamburgers. I kept thinking they looked like Jem and the holograms!! Smirnoff was everywhere and was a bit much. Let us enjoy the event purely for the creativity, the excitement and the fun and we might have more respect for your company and its values.

    Thanks to Alexd for letting Sunny and I into the secret world of fashion shows...we had a great time exploring. Can't wait see the photos!

  17. Charles Barkely

    Charles Barkely TRIBE Member

    I got there by 1:00am (figuring it to be peak time or at least pretty closer to it).
    Couldn't make it for the fashion show but from all accounts, Mcbee's review sounds
    hilariously accurate. Mr.Morales is the man I came to see. Well, this is a sampling of what the super- mega-DJ/producer played in the hour or so that I was there...

    1. Finally - KOT
    - a classic but way overplayed in T.O.

    2. Barabaratiri - Gypsy Men
    - summer anthem. last time I checked my
    calendar, however,it was December.

    3. It's all Good - Da Mob
    - this track peaked summer 1999 -
    enough said.

    4. Hide U - Suzanne Palmer
    - first heard it at System Sound Bar late
    2000 or early 2001 ?

    5. Rapture - Iio
    - let me put it to you this way...this
    was the newest track he played.

    Let me stress that the above were all played
    between 1:00ish and 2:00ish. I think you'll find better programming on the Much Dance 2001 CD. It is a huge understatement to say that I expected more from David Morales.
    Why all the cheese ??? Was he told to play that way ?? It would've been even more of a drag if I had to dish out the $25.00 or even $75.00 ! Nevertheless, you can purchase the Much Dance 2001 CD for $15.99 at your local HMV.

  18. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    hmmm... maybe I should have gone. My mom, who works in fashion, had a bunch of VIP tickets and asked if I wanted to go. But I thought I wouldn't know anyone. But it looks like there were a few tribe folk representing.

    aw well... next year [​IMG]

  19. Skip

    Skip TRIBE Member


    No, I don't work for Alliance. Actaully, we were laughing when Master T thanked Alliance for the visuals. They did give us the rights to all their movies, and we then tripped them out. I guess the big corporation gets all the props at events like these though.

    Anyways, our visuals crew is called the Free Thought Project, and it's just a bunch of us guys who love the music and love to create visuals for it.

    Troy McClure..."You may remember us from such parties as Connected 2000 at the Better Living Centre or DJ Hype and Sandra Collins at Turbo this summer.

    Glad you enjoyed them, and thanks for the feedback. Peace.
  20. wunderfly

    wunderfly TRIBE Member

    I was offered a free ticket for the after party at the last minute, and since I havent been to the Warehouse since it was renovated I wanted to go down and check it out. I was really sorry to miss the actual show.

    I was there for about 45 min. 15 of which spent waiting in line for the bathroom.

  21. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    I don't recall if I went to Hype. Can someone confirm this? Cuz all I remember was they did have some projections at Turbo in the summer and BOY did it make a BIG difference. If had gone to HYPE, then it must've been you guys. The imagery was awesome. A VERY needed touch to the typical space.
  22. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Hehe. Again, thanks to the media pass (thanks Alexd!), I snuck back to the restricted area behind the dj booth all night to go to the john. I had befriended the security guy at the door beforehand and he was nice enough to let me go in the back throughout the night.

    Wish I could've bought him a drink though but it was last call already. He sat there ALL night (except when I climbed up the booth) and he looked SO bored.
  23. slave2da dncflr

    slave2da dncflr TRIBE Member

    You obviously did not stay till the end. Morales is one the best DJs who knows his shit. Sure he may have been told to play that in the beginning while the fashion crowd was still there.
    But he eventually ripped it up with some classics.
    What does playing the most recents records have to do with a good set? It is all about do what you think will make the crowd nuts.

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