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David Mancuso's 38th Annual Loft Party

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
I have died and gone to heaven.

Never have I been to a party with a vibe so thick and so full of love that you want to take it home like a piece of wedding cake and keep it in the freezer forever.

There's some songs (not tracks) Love is the Message, Rej, and As by Stevie had me in tears. There's also so many tracks that I have never heard, and likely never will ever again. (Unless he plays them the next time I reach!)

We enter at 5pm to find the lights on, people grabbin tables and James Chance from the Contortionists (wtf!?!) playing piano.
(someone t-spotted some Thelonious Monk..)

Perfect flow for a party.

Most impeccable track selection ever -- no blending of any mixes, just songs played at their 33 1/3 original speed from beginning to end. People clapping at the end of each song, and hootin and hollerin at the beginnin of the next one!
The goosebumps are still on my arms, legs & nuts just thinkin bout it....

Funk, Soul, Disco, 1 Reggae, 1 Techno (Rej), a few house classics, and more great discofunksoul.

Babies, toddlers through to 70 year old disco veterans. Most diverse crowd I've ever danced in, both in terms of age, race, and background.

Smoked blunts with South Bronx graffiti dads from the Zulu Nation. Ate a plate of Soul Food from the buffet during the midway point.

The balloon drop makes you feel like a child again, in the best way possible. (Dtox, I save you a popped red balloon)

As you can likely tell I love to yap and chat, but this party left me speachless when people from our crew would ask how I'm feeling. My jaw dropped so many times I stopped trying to pick it up off the floor out of futility. It would be droppin at the next song regardless.

No sketchiness. All love. No one pushes there way through the crowd. Lots of excuse me's and sorry bro's. Tonnes of hugs, but not E-hugs and no cuddle puddles. No synthetic love here, all real deal Love Saves the Day typa lovin'!!

Did I mention the most insane dancing ever??
- An 11 y/o Brooklyn kid in a Marbury jerseyshirt battling (and winning!) against a Japanese man.
- Two Japanese Loft regulars doing the wildest Ang Lee kungfu-on-strings-type shit.
- my friend Gord the Operator losing his shit on the dancefloor along with his wife Farida. They NEVER dance, and never have I seen them dance with that much passion!
- 60 year old guy at the beginning doing interpretive dancing to the piano music... He even did my 'invisible ball as a basketball shot' dance move. BUT in his humble variation, he missed the shot and was bummed out. (I always nail the game winning 3pointer in my move!!)
- so many more mind blowing dancers that I can even begin to think of words to describe their styles.

Left the party at 1am on Monday morning (5-midnight) and went over to catch Sal from LiquidLiquid who invited us to his party where the horn section from the Skatalites were jammin'.....but after 10 minutes I realized that I was still flabergasted from the Loft party that there was no need for me to be there so I jetted back to Ground Zero.

No cameras on the dancefloor, so that people don't get self concsious. Relax your mind and let your body be free. Therefore no pix from me (or anyone).

The only crucial thing that this party was lackin, was my lovely lady. :( That would have brought the Love levels through the roof for me.

Your disco hippy,
Destro One
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why not

TRIBE Member
i hate you.

i heard him play a rare club gig at Queen in Paris many years ago, and that was a life changing experience. i can only imagine what it would be like at a proper loft instead of a shady gay afterhours joint on a wednesday night.
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Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
sorry for the improper use of 'there' in my review. someone's gonna kill me for that one ;)
(and apologies for all the other unintentional grammar errors)

IHU2, Ben ;)
(j/k, you dope)

Erika, I'm sure you would have enjoyed it as much as I did, based on your posts on here.
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why not

TRIBE Member
le bricoleur said:
le sigh.

i've wanted to go to one of his loft parties for years. did you have to buy tickets in advanced? from where?

in theory it's always been invite only, but from what i understand he's easy to contact if you're interested.

The Kid

TRIBE Member
destro...you've done it again, top notch review homes.

next time i'm coming with you, fucker!!!

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New Member
Wow, thanks for sharing, RIP David Mancuso. Legend. As everyone else, I would have done a whole lot for the chance to have been there.


TRIBE Member
Are you responding to the 10 year old event review or the two year old notice of his passing? Lol!