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David Guetta @ Lot 332


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first things first...THE WATERED DOWN DRINKS ARE A JOKE. 1/2 shots...pathetic rude bartenders...ugh

now to the music.... it felt like...like a party for those that don't know any better. Like house music for beginners...Remi vs David threw down a good opening set...more pop house music than anything...the crowd pleasers like Talk remix etc....

David Guetta more of the same, the hits....World is Mine made the crowd go off...but everything felt safe, and cheesie....I guess if you are into what z103 drops this is for you... it is what it is.


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What a Gino Fest! LMFAO...Should have went to sudbury :rolleyes:

Most of the people had no clue David Guetta was playing.

But I agree lots of ch33se ...I should have seen it coming.

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I thought guetta started off great, was really working the crowd (dancing around and throwing his hands up in the air), then suddenly it was like someone just told him his dog was hit by a car - he got all rigid and sad looking and stated playing shit that nobody really wanted to hear - ony the etards were dancing because they didnt have a choice.

One good thing - TONS OF HOT GIRLS !!!


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David vs. Remy's last half hour and Guetta's first half hour was explosive man. Fuckin place was shaking. I think we all got burnt out come 3:30 (including Guetta) and just called it a night. hah

Anthem madness, but done with class. Merci pour les tunes!
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From the sounds of it we were much better off seeing Guetta at Lot, as opposed to going to 99 Sudbury. Lot was great...good times, Berzerko...McCal...what happened that night, hahaha.


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First time going to Lot 332 and to be honest, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Getting in was no problem, door staff was kind, but not overly friendly. Bar staff was efficient, but again not overly friendly. The crowd was a bizarre mix of clubbers and Z103ers, but everyone seemed to be having a good time. I actually met an old friend from my university days who I hadn't seen in years, as well as meeting some people from my hometown of Barrie.
The music was decent and the sound was ok. I had never seen Guetta before and he did a nice job, but didn't have much variation in his track selection although we didn't seem to mind as it kept us dancing most of the night except for a section around 1ish where the dance floor was way too packed. As well, the club layout has people using the dance floor to get to the other side causing a lot of pushing and bumping while dancing and if you weren't dancing, you were standing as it seemed the only places to sit were either in the smoking lounge or in the half empty vip areas which you couldn't enter.
All in all a decent night out and we left around 4:30, but I am not sure I would rush back to Lot 332 until they book some one a little bigger with not such a generic style of popular house.
It certainly sounds like it might have been the right choice that night with 99 getting shut down and of course the Guv/Sardine tin is never a good choice for me on a long weekend.
Oh yeah, did anyone else notice how short most of the guys at 332 were? I am not quite 6 foot, but I felt like a giant on the dance floor with the exception of a few model height women.


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Gravid said:
Oh yeah, did anyone else notice how short most of the guys at 332 were? I am not quite 6 foot, but I felt like a giant on the dance floor with the exception of a few model height women.
LOL I noticed it too! a am 6'3 so I felt like a freak..so funny you mention that.