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dave seaman - gu 22 melbourne


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i'm not sure if there's another thread about this, but....

anyone else feeling this? i personally love it...lots of chilled out tunes...perfect for listening, not neccessarily partying though...

any thoughts?
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Special K

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hey does anybody know where I can buy this?

i went to the hmv at bloor/yonge earlier this week and they still didnt have it...???

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Originally posted by vinder
i'm not sure if there's another thread about this, but....

There is another thread about this (started by me :p), but your the birthday boy so you get a free pass ;)

anyways, I totally agree with you, a perfect chill out CD... some really trippy stuff... prefer the first disc over the second, but I love the breaks at the end of CD2....

totally different from the usual seaman style, and he deserves credit for trying something new...


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hahahha i do it mostly to irritate rentboy ;)

but really i like buenos aires and renaissance desire and one of the other ren. discs. i enjoyed his set at the guv last year and i will go if i win passes for the 19th. i just don't like this comp, i cant listen to a full disc before switching to something else. although there is one track on cd2...towards the end with this nice growling baseline thats i really dig. but yeah it's mainly just to piss of chris :D

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Yeah Jay, take your Prog bashing elsewhere.
Isn't there a breakupstanding thread you can pollute


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Sorry, but I'm in the same boat as JibJib, besides Buenos Aires and a couple of the the Renaissance discs, I find Mr. Seaman to not be that special. (talking about his discs, wasn't able to see him live)


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Originally posted by JayIsBored
right on giz! us brown guys gotta stick together

ps. i can't wait to complain for free on the 19th! :D

i can't wait to crack some heids on the 19th :D
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