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Dave @ Kool Haus

tekno princess

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I can't believe I'm actually admitting this, but I slept through Dave's set!!!


I set my alarm (twice) and woke-up at 6:30 completely devastated (some sympathy here please)

anyway, I'm ready to be punished now....
well.. goin to this party i was lookin forward more to seeing timo maas..... he was good.. but not impressive..... then switched over to dave clarke and he just fucken killed it, it was as much fun dancing to his set as it was just to watch him do his thing, i was stunned by his mixing skills. i have to say he won my respect.
Unfortunately I missed Dave Clarke but Kenny Glasgow Rocked it for me! I originally went to see Timo Maas but was disappointed only by the slow lineup to get in and the other shitty lineup to get into his room! Oh well, c'est la vie!
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I sold my ticket to a friend at iDANCE because I really wasn't feeling well, and she seemed to wanna go alot more than me. At 5am I was still up, felling much better, and very much regretting the fact that I didn't go
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mr_Furious:
I sold my ticket to a friend at iDANCE because I really wasn't feeling well, and she seemed to wanna go alot more than me. At 5am I was still up, felling much better, and very much regretting the fact that I didn't go

Don't worry....you didn't miss much....the ONLY good thing about last night was that my friend got us in because he knew one of the cops that was on duty there last night.After getting searched we found out there was ONE booth for pre-sold tickets while the other 2 were not busy....THAT was fucked up.
As the night progressed I was REALLY itching to hear Timo but was REALLY dissapointed although I wanted to hear Dave Clark and the DJs in the Orange Room(Walker, Jelo & De-koze).
My friends & I were pissed off at one point when we were stuck out in the "Jungle" room and security wouldn't let us back inside....AND you could not go back & forth to the different rooms because security would make you go ALL the way around to go in the Guv. area.Later on you were allowed to go as you please once the crowd thinned out.
BUT I thought Kenny G. and Dave C were AWESOME sets.It kinda made up for a shitty night AND running into some familiar faces too
Like someone mentioned there were A TON of people there and not much room inside the Guv when Timo was working.
I LOVE going to the Guv on a regular Sat night but I think it could have been organized (security wise) a little better.

Dave Clarke rocked the roof off last night. Too bad he was on so late. More people would have stayed for his set if it were earlier.
Nuff respect to most wanted for bringing Dave to T.O
Dave Clarke blew me away with his skills and choice of music. DEADLY. RELENTLESS. Anyone else see when they showed him on the video screen messin with the faders? BRILLIANT. He was so into it too by the look on his face. Too bad I had to leave before his set finished. Great Party. I love that venue. The crowd was just a little different than I expected. More of a Saturday night Guvernment crowd.
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Holy Fawk! I was lovin every minute of his set...I just wish he played earlier cuz by the time 5:30am rolled around I was ready for bed!

The Kool Haus kicks ass for parties too!

-Goldielocks &lt;----has really sore feet today!
timo maas was ok but timo maas or no timo maas, nothing is worth the torture called guvernment. i have no idea what possessed me to want to go to this party. actually, it had just been so long since the last time i went to guv that i forgot all the reasons i hate it. unfortunately, it did not take long for them to all come flooding back.

at about 3 i started checking out the other rooms, but it was too late. my momentum was gone, and i just wasn't grooving to any of it. spent the rest of my night outside listening to slipn'slide throw down some older tunes.

tekno princess, don't worry about it. i would have rather been sleeping.
I missed Dave Clarke's set last night, not once but twice. I was at iDance for a while and caught Freaky Flow's set but had to leave to meet some friends before Dave Clarke's set. I figured it wasn't going to be a big deal since I'd see him later at Summer's End. When I got to Kool Haus they gave me a set list and to my dismay, Dave wasn't playing till 5:30. What the hell is that all about? I tried to stick around as long as possible but it wasn't going to happen. I ended up leaving near the end of Kenny's set.
Even though I didn't see Dave, I did happen to have a great time, and caught some great sets. Paul Walker was killing it in the Orange Room, and I danced my ass off. I believe I also heard some of Jelo's set which was really good as well. Kenny Glasgow was playing in Kool Haus when I made my way over there later on and as always he was amazing, I just didn't have the energy to stick it out for his whole set.
In all, it was a great night, and I agree with Loress, great venue. Even though I hate the name of the place, they've done wonder to it and I enjoy going there.
Dave Clarke was un-fucking-believable...I've never seen a techno dj work his mixer as much as he did...totally manipulating every record he put on, and even though near the end he was just putting on records without doing anything to them, I still thought his set was the best I've seen this year...best part was when he was cutting one of his records with one hand while winding a camera then taking a picture with his other hand.
The best surprise of the night had to be Sneak's set...I've never heard him play that hard, it was nice.
I love the way the warehouse/koolhaus whatever is set up now, an amazing venue for parties...
Wish Onionz would have been there, but still an amazing night of music...
Wicked party. The two giant screens were Safe!. I think I learned a few tricks. The last twenty minutes of Glasgows set get DangerhOUSe approval. Clarke was on point. KG layin' down the vocals. Nice to see KG on after Sneak. Respect! Sneak was on point just like at idance.

Nice to see everyone.
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Overall it was a pretty good night. When I first got there I saw this huge line so I walked up to see if I knew anyone, and thanks god I saw some people that I knew right at the front
...got in without waiting too long. In some of the reviews that i read some people complained about the line up; some friends of mine waited in line and said it moved pretty quickly (took them about 30 min to get in and they started around the corner of the guv building). Also some people said the guvernment being too crowded, I didn't really feel it was too bad. There were lots of room to dance in all the rooms with the exception of the main room. The main room was somewhat overcrowded but I thought it was better than a regular saturday night at the guvernment.

As for the music...
Going into the night I had a low expectation for Timo Mass, maybe its because big DJ's often get hyped up so much and when I go see them they don't meet expectations. Well, I have to say he was better than I though...is that because I had such a low expectation to begin with or he was just really good, I don't know.
Sneak's set was good, especially the second half. Deko-ze was good as usual. Who was playing in the rooftop patio? Stoped by there a few times there were some sweet sweet house being played.
Now onto Dave Clarke. I am normally not big on techno but after what I've heard people have said about him I thought I'd see what he's all about. This was the first time that I had heard him. He was simply amazing. The stuff that he was doing with the mixer was just crazy (it was great that they had a camera on the mixer and project it on the screen). Excellent technical DJ.


Kenny threw down! I thought Sneak's set was ok, but Glasgow's set was the highlight of the night.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Gizmo:
Kenny threw down! I thought Sneak's set was ok, but Glasgow's set was the highlight of the night.


^^^ Agreed. Kenny threw down a wicked set. I caught a bit of Dave Clarke, who was working the mixer like it was nobody's business. Sneak was very good, and Jelo and Paul Walker had the Orange Room jumpin'. The Guv was rammed to shit. Overall a very good party. The cute female bouncer who frisked me grab my balls like three times. I was like "WOW", this is great!
The vibe could have used some work though. Timo Maas was dropping some breaks a la Rennie Pilgrem and B.L.I.M. Onionz did not show...what up with that?

Respect to Most Wanted for putting on a safe, organized event.

Kenny dropped some serious beats and had me rockin'. Sneak and Gryphon had the room movin. I left a little bit into Dave Clarkes set, but it sounded pretty good from what I heard.

Where was Onionz?

Made good on my promise to stay in the Warehouse. Pretty decent vibe in there. No wandering around makes for a much better experience. The Warehouse looks awsome.

The Orange Room was rockin. I saw Jelo and Dekoze workin the crowd over.

The lineup to get in the building was ridiculous. Word to Chromebinder Singh for working the right angles to get us inside quickly and safely. A big thankyou to the sweetie security for the proper feelup. Such a soft gentle touch!

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Dave was incredible!

His music was a little cold for me but his skills blew me away. I was in a daze watchin him spin for the longest time.

The rest of the party was pretty good also, but I couldent hang out in the government because it was way too hot and packed.

I came to the conclusion by the end of the night that the most drug that was consumed was steriods. I saw a guy in the washroom that must have been on at least 5 cycles, it was gross.

Overall I had a good time, I couldent find some people I wanted to see, but I met some of the TBK was made up for it.

overall 7/10