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Dave Dub


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I picked up his 2 new records on Friday
And all I have to say is ... DAMN!
Pure solid tunes!
Nice to see TO producers putting out bangin tracks



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I remember hearing Dave Dub on Dope Radio almost 2 years ago and he played a track or 2 on cd. They blew my mind then. I'm glad to see he's getting them out on release's for the public.

Cheers to Dave Dub!



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...hi...kick here...too drunk, and i forgot my password.

so ya... dave dub is playing at tonic on the 8th no?
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dave gave me a copy of one of his records at tonic a few weeks ago (the warning) - solid production! still gotta hear the other one he's put out...


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go dave go.
I cant wait to hear it.

doperadio has given many breaks to many producers.
Simon Paul, Scisscorkicks, J-Break, Dave Dub, Madame Mercury, the phat conductor, robbg & dmonic just to name a few.
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Robb G

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Originally posted by peanut butter
Dave Dub in the Breaks Den from what i've heard at Tonic on the 8th...

which is by the way also the same night of Ritchie Hawtin. BAMMM

This is true, a Dave Dub record release party is on the books for May 8. And I will have a fairly large number of reduced tickets to give to the breakers for this particular night. I'll have the full details up in this room in the next couple days.

Props to Dave for 2 solid releases at once...Does anyone else remember the old funky classics from '95 "Fresh Fresh" and "Thunderball" that Dave put out?

"Fresh, fresh, the beat is fresh, fresh,......."



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I remember :D

dave's been producing as long as I've known him.
I even have a track he did on the popular record label from way back when.

whats papa-p (paul) up to these days?
dont they normally dJ together?
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I'm glad you guys are digging Dave's releases. When I first started to come to T.O. years ago to record shop, he was the only guy willing to give me a hand and pull all the newest breaks records for me. He also was the earliest supporter of my first single Funky Plaid Coat on Dust2Dust.
I always promised him when my label got rolling (2WARS), that I would hook him up and here it is. Two releases at once. Spread the word. Dave Dub-Roughest Sound Around-2WARS
p.s. I also have a breaks/house remix on Dave's release.


madd props goin out to mr dave dub!!!!!
wikid to see tha peepz are feelin your flavaz brothah...
wikid tingz!