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dave clarke @ turbo


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dave clarke may be a god, but he is a very very loud and angry god

wow! dave clarke is incredible. i'd only seen him once before when he played a horrible set at guvernment but tonight he rocked it. coming on after kenny glasgow's (incredibly boring and uninspired) electro set, he continued in the same vein but quickly moved into some of the hardest, most bangin', funky, and occasionally dirty techno i've heard.

now onto the bad... the sound system was horrible, akin to someone farting into a microphone unless you're standing right in the middle of the dance floor. and the volume was completely unacceptable. i really do think that what was going on - soundsystem-wise should be illegal. i was wearing my earplugs and my ears are now ringing. many people in the crowd were covering their ears as the volume got increasingly louder and louder as the night progressed. for those who do not own earplugs - damage to your hearing is irreparable! clubs are generally loud enough as it is, but tonight, even with my earplugs in, i felt like someone was stabbing an icepick into my ear canal many times....

and as a result, i really think a world class DJ such as dave clarke should:

a) never have to be booked to play on a shitty-ass sound system like the basement of turbo in the first place.

b) take note of the fact that everyone is covering their ears and TURN THE SYSTEM DOWN when this is happening! assuming you are paying attention and seeing this - what are you thinking?!
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kenny glasgow ROCKS. electro ROCKS. holy fucking shit i could not stop shaking my ass!!! i came in expecting to leave by 1:30am. what's the expression i'm looking for? NOT!!!!!!! kenny threw down some sick sick tunes. if that's what electro is, my goodness i'm in for one hell of a ride. foot stomping, fist pumping, i can't believe what i'm hearing stuff. WOW.

dave clarke, what can i say. the man comes on, sorry, god comes on, and just continues from where kenny left off, takes it to another level, GOD I LOVE ELECTRO, then throws down teh mad mad techno! ok, that was loud and i forgot to put my earplugs in till like half hour before i left. but my goodness when god decides it's time to dance, IT'S TIME TO DANCE!

barely stopped moving for the whole time i was there, my aching body is a testament to what an incredible night this was. and to think i almost bailed.....good lord.

have to agree with matt on this one however, if you weren't in the middle fo the dancefloor, your ears were in for a punishing. i'll let you all know what happens the day the damn jackhammer in my head stops.

special thanks again to everyone who helped me do my birthday, or as i like to call it "my personal 3-day" such a fun time. from the drinks to the smiles to the awesome dance partners, this was truly a night to remember.


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OMG!!!!! I truly love Dave Clark...
anyone that plays (tainted love-soft cell) during a techno set followed by gabber, just fuckin rocks....
Myka was pretty good, but Kenny Glasgow....BORING, shit, he was on for waaaaayyyy too long and he just sucked all the fun outta that night. (I'm not a fan of electro)
The soundsystem needs to be improved...a set such as myka's/dave's is not meant to be heard as a loud rumble. and that volume, unbelievable. Really didn't need to be that loud. As for wearing earplugs, I was wearing them(thanks to discodancer_j), and they weren't enough. My ears are ringing.
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This was probably the hardest set i've heard in a year. :eek: And coming from a new skool Junglist.. this should really mean *something* :)

Anyway, I came to Turbo at about quarter to midnight, got in and surprisingly found only a half full venue. Probably the leafs game had something to do with it.

As the night progressed, the place became more and more packed, but it never actually reached capacity. There was always plenty of free space to dance, especially near the walls and the front right corner.

Kenny Glasgow's set was very energetic, there were a couple of tracks that really sounded like a compilation between breaks and techno. Gunark - if you could get me either the names of those tracks or the mp3s themselves i'll love you forever! :)

When Dave Clarke came on, even the walls were shaking from the POUNDING/ HARD/ EVIL/ SADISTIC/ MIND-MORPHING beats and basslines. This guy definitely plays the hardest shit there is.

My only complaint is, indeed, the volume levels. My friend Tanaz got a headache from it, and my own ears still resonate with the beat (6:09am)

Overall it was an insanely fun filled night, especially seeing so many friends out. I also met tons of really nice people! Anyone who is reading this and was talking to me - give me a shout on icq 37224333 or email me at kid_a_1981@yahoo<NOSPAM>.com

I have about 120 pictures and a few really cool videos of some liquid kids doing their thing. I will post some tomorrow (sunday) when I get home.
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DEAR LORD ! I KNOW NOT WHAT I DO ! My first 'acknowledgment' goes to all the fuckin sexy women that were there dancing and shakin' their asses, WOW ! ....also, it's almost 7am and my ears are ringing and a dingling... doesn't appear to be and end in sight.

Myka. First set of the evening. This man is perfect as an opener. He was playing music that was funky, slammin', jammin' and poundin'. Very good selection and excellent mixing. Reminded me of the 'Nation' nights at Life.

Kenny came on and played some 'out there' electro. Definitely groundbreaking in obscurity, Kenny is reaching far into the experimental regions of the musical world. I love the fact that he takes chances on all sorts of tunes. I love the fact that he is one dj who is phenomenally versatile.

...next up, Mister Clarke. I feel good knowing that I've finally seen him play live. He was definitely focused and made use of the 30,000 WATTS OF BASS ! HOLY CHRIST ON A BIKE ! My testicles may be damaged ! I've been begging for a bass beat down for a while, and I think I got it tonight.... I KNOW I GOT IT TONIGHT !

For those of you who left before Kenny came on to play his techno set... SHAME ON YOU ! You missed one of the BEST techno sets to touch down in techno town. It was awesome. I couldn't stop dancing and it was great to look around and see everyone going off.. smiles everywhere.. fists in the air... what a vibe.

It was great seeing so many familiar faces, some new faces, and even some long lost pals (Jennstar & Becky). All great to see you out and having fun.

.. and there's someone who I know who has no toenails. ;) (red dress.. cough , cough) LOL

Until next time.

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Myka was o.k - had me moving a bit and I really enjoyed his set more towards the end.

Kenny Glasgow - I don't know what happened, but last night, I just fell in love with him. He had me moving for almost his entire set and I was lovin' it. AND I think he's the cutest thing around:D

Dave Clarke.... so I'm not big techno connaisseur, but I thought it was ASS. Just lots of really loud obnoxious noise and at this point and I had to leave. Just not my cup of tea.

Mr. Glasgow was my hero of the night:D



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WOW! :eek: this night was sooo amazing! perfect sized crowd. busy, but room to dance!!!!

when we first got in just after 12- i wasn't too sure how much fun i was going to have. everyone was kinda just standing around with their arms crossed. myka's set was pretty tribally (my opinion anyways). it was a nice way to start the night off.

kenny glasgow! got me dancing! yummi heavy break beats dropped all over!! soooooooo wikkid.

dave clarke- WOW! he didnt do too many tricks, but dayum the trakk selection!! Kept me dancing hard! I danced my ass off the whole night! oh how ive missed yummi techno parties!

wikkid ppl. out! nice seeing everyone and meeting some new ones :D too many to list.

what was that freak show?? hahahaha.........anyways thanx again brad!!!!!! luv yea. only bad news.........i was supposed to work tonight, so i skipped out on the parties after becuz i had to work. i knew work was gonna call and cancel my shift today! urgh, i should've stayed and partied :D ah well, could be worse- i could be at work now :eek:!

many many highlights of the night! funniest one including an old dude, shirt off, fukked right up! haha.....me coaching him and daring him to scream FUCK IT UP KENNY!!!!!!!!!!! haha.......his name was dave- i told him mine was Felicia! hehe.oh the fun!


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Originally posted by fattyp
For those of you who left before Kenny came on to play his techno set... SHAME ON YOU ! You missed one of the BEST techno sets to touch down in techno town. It was awesome. I couldn't stop dancing and it was great to look around and see everyone going off.. smiles everywhere.. fists in the air... what a vibe.


I left towards the end of Dave Clarke's set because we were tired and my partner in crime needed to get to work the next day.

An amazing night though. One for the books you might say (well besides my ears still ringing, and drinks being expensive,) but the crowd was a good one. Dave Clarke started throwing down Techno right when I was starting to get alittle bored with the electro... great call on his part. Got me moving abit more after that, and the last of my energy was spent hooting and hollering to jebus.

I sure had fun, I just wish I had abit more funds as to consume the firewater abit more, and gain energy from it :} I think we left at like 3:30 or so for a quiet ride home, because noone could hear properly.

I actually ended up meeting some fellow tribers thanks to Marian introducing me around abit. Great meeting those of you who I did. Everyone was cheery (possibly drunk) and having a great time :D

Who's up for Marco Carola now?


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this event reminded me of blue's anniversary party with gaetano -- jackhammer beats on a jackhammer system......it was hard to really hear the tracks with all that noise and distortion - i think they need to put a limiter or compressor on their system because its just brutal in there. you'd think that with all the big names that come through this city clubs would have better sound systems....oh well.

as for the beats...
- myka was an interesting choice to open the night
- kenny was ok - i got into the first couple of tracks, and then he just lost me....i'm not much of an electro fiend, and kenny's set did nothing to change that....i was sitting for the last 1/3 of his set.
- clarke definately picked up the pace, workin his magic -- woulda like to stick around for his techno set, but by 3:30 i was toast.

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The only set I liked was Myka's because it didn't hurt my ears so much!!!!!!!!!!!! (well that and he was fantastic last night.)
What the hell was all that banging last night.
I had ear plugs in and I was still clutching my head.
I couldn't hear anything but thumping and the odd two finger keyboard blurt of something leading to nothing.
I am sorry but there was no joy listening to the "music" last night because it was so distorted from being so loud.
It made the evening tedious and painful.
The Electro killed the dance in me. I kept waiting for the techno but by that time I had completely lost interest.
They should have figured out something was wrong when 90 percent of the people were standing around looking at their watches, or when so many started to leave, or hey when people were standing around with their fingers stuck in their ears.
Every person I knew there left saying they couldn't take it anymore. Me included.
I truly feel sorry for all the people who have sustained permanent hearing damage from last night. If the ringing doesn't stop, that is a sign that you have lost hearing.
good luck people.


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Well, I was extremely tired last night, and as already covered, the sound downstairs at Turbo is ASS.

Myka was alright, I was very happy when he dropped "Days Go By". I was wondering if I would ever hear it spun in a club.

Kenny Glasgow rocked my world. I don't know how my opinion can be so hard in opposition from most of you, but the shit he was spinning really grabs me and makes me want to fuck like a robot. I find that kind of synthy electro SOOOO seXXXy. I was really into his set.

Dave Clarke came on and had me for the first little bit, but I was way too tired and all I could hear by the point he started spinning was distortion. As Tommy stated already, I think they really need a limiter on the system, or some shit on the walls to diffuse the reverberations down there. It's a fucking concrete box, and the waveforms just mash together until you get nodes in the room where you can't get anything but fuzz. By 3:30 I had danced enough, and was soo tired from working all night before, and all day Saturday that I couldn't take the volume and had to go home.

Good night, good crowd, shitty venue.


Kenny rocks. Definitely the star last night, IMO.

PS @m, where were you?


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my ears are still ringing!

where to start...great crowd, not as packed as i thought it would be. i felt very comfortable all night long. myka played the best set i've ever heard from him (and i've seen him well over 50 times). he dropped some tribal, some driving tech house, and even some electro. then kenny came on, and bang! again, probably the best set i've ever heard from him. tune after tune after tune! remarkable programming, flawless mixing! i would stand there and shake my head in disbelief as he would bring in the next mix with such ease. i am convinced that he is one of the best djs in the world. then dave clarke hit the decks (btw, he only played one set, combining electro and techno). he was really good, dropping some bombs, working the mixer. to be honest, at one point i couldn't wait for dave clarke to get off the decks so kenny could hop on again. sure enough, dave handed the headphones over to kenny, and like fattyp already mentioned, he began to throw down some sweet deep techno that took me back to his closing sets at industry. wow! kenny was spot on all night. words don't do him justice...i can't tell you how much i love the man.

it was great meeting and greeting so many tribe kids!
you guys rock! fattyp, thanks for the dancefloor session.

shouts out and respect to the MWE crew for putting on a wicked event.
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this night was by far one of the biggest let downs i have ever had at a club.

aside from having all my peeps around and hanging with jynx for the night...i was bored to tears by 2-30am and didn't even bother waiting for Dave.

Myka-on the other hand, you were phenominal baby! your progression from sweet house to tech beats blew me away...

the ceiling vents and air tunnels were vibrating like nuts which gave the sound a bad reverb.

Kenny's electro did not get me in the mood at all, the first 5 min were ok and then, whatever.

what's up with having Dave on so late...doesn't make sense to me...

the little dramatic representation going down in the sitting area totally put me in a bad mood too...i'm like come on...

not impressed with this night



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I stayed 2:30 til 5:30... flyering... *ugh*

Dave seemed to have a standard-fare techno set, but it was even too loud OUTSIDE the building. I enjoyed some tunes, and some were just boring.

I preferred hearing Kenny's set before Dave C's. What most of you don't know (cos you'd all left) was that Kenny kicked it for the last 45 minutes, wicked electro music, I was boogying while flyering and he just hammered the point home that Electro is the once and future master...

Turbo should invest in soundproofing the venue, it would only cost them a little money but at least you can still re-use the venue, the negative comments I heard from 80% of the people coming out of the venue regarding the noise level lead me to beleive they've lost customer's permanently.

3 cheers to the flyering crew I was chatting with and kept me company. If Electro's your game check out Killer @ Element may 16th (Thursday).



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Originally posted by terrawrist III
what the hell was that going on in the back???

some artsy play or something?

looked like they were making a video of some sort...it's was pretty fucked up!
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