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Dave Allison's - Sleazy Beats Guest mix #2 - (( Slo Mo Disco ))

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by El Dizzo, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member


    Here is my second installment of slo jammin' disco burners.
    good for a hot day by the pool, or perhaps when your feet have slowed down after a long night.

    I hope you enjoy

    "A Sticky Situation"( Another Sleazy mix)

    *mixed live @ the Pub - May 2010

    SleazyBeats - Dave Allison -A Sticky Situation (Another Sleazy Mix) - SoundCloud



    1-Eddie C -Between Now & Then - Endless Flight
    2-Giano -Starlight (Dave Allison remix) - Alphabet
    3-6th Borough Project -Stratus Quo- Instruments of Rapture
    4-Tornado Wallace- Be My Ladyboy -Sleazy Beats
    5-The Shake up Connection - Let's Dance -Amplified
    6- Dave Allison -Soda Poppin -(Unreleased)
    7-Johnny Dynell- Jam Hot (40 Thieves dub) -Smash Hit
    8- Tornado Wallace -Tornado Never Dies -Sleazy Beats
    9- SE62- Wall Ride (Eddie C remix) Home taping is killing music
    10-Thano -Ques-que-ce L'amour - Kinjo Music
    11- Kinky Movement -Fastlane (Dave Allison Slo-Burn Remix) Kinjo Music
    12- The Noodleman- Starlight (Unreleased)
    13- Space Ranger -Herbal Cake -Love Monk
    14-Jamie Lloyd -The Wolf's Sun -(Mark E remix)-Future Classic
    15- Amplified Orchestra -Hot Muffin- Amplified
    16-Funk Transplant- Backbone -Homebreakin'
    17-Soulphiction -Prison Song (feat Marcin)- Sonar Kollectiv

    it will be up on the blog next week as well here:

    be sure to dial up my podcast for more mixes : PodOmatic | Podcast - Dave Allison (Kinjo Music) Podcast


  2. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member


    I was near Banff a couple weeks ago, but Eddie C was in Detroit for DEMF.

    When I get to Montreal in the fall, I'll make sure you're playing that weekend!

    Love this shit.
    Turned so many people onto it as well.

  3. oeretS

    oeretS TRIBE Member

    awesome Dave, can't wait to hear this. Loving your new Giano remix, that's going on my next recording for sure

    keep it up man
  4. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

    thanks guys, glad are feelin it

    much more to come!
  5. ethnik

    ethnik TRIBE Member

    Dave this is the part where I wax poetic about how much I miss chillin' it at Daome with the old crew. Man I miss Montreal and QC when I think about how hot, sweaty and class everyone's favourite living room dance floor is.

    Next time I am swingin' through the the right coast we have to hook up some jammy jams and enjoy a few pints of Quebec's finest.

    Wicked mix brother, it brought some sunshine to my soul this week.

    a plus
  6. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

    groove rider central

  7. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

    haha , sounds good Mike,
    def hit me up when you are around !
  8. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

    thank you sir
  9. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

    dave is sleazy. ;/
  10. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

  11. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

    Bump for a new mix !


    - Dave Alllison - Slo Mo Disco - " Down in the Zone Mixx" -

    65 minutes


    1-Super Value - Super Value Edits # 8
    2-Nigel Hayes -Slow Burn - Intelligent Audio
    3-Tornado Wallace- Swimmin' -Delusions Of Grandeur
    4-Ferdi Blankena -Mothers Son - Wolfskuil
    5-Toomy Disco - Flighless - So Sound
    6-Amplified Orchestra- Play It Disco For Me- Amplified
    7-Bob Sinclar - Get in to the Music -Yellow
    8-Amplified Orchestra- The Fighting Spirit - Amplified
    9-Daft Punk - Santa Claus - Crydamoure
    10-ICube - Fallin' - Versatile
    11-Floating Points -Love Me Like This -R2
    12-Zoe's Raygun- Don't Give up - Community
    13-Axxe -Saturday Night (Dave Allison Disco Dust Dub) -Mile End


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