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Dave Allison - "Summer Sun" Mix

El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
** New Mix **


deep funkin' disco mid tempo grooves -

1-Larse -Duo- Dikso
2-Frank Booker - It's Time- Kolour LTD
3-Tonbe- I Feel Lucky - Happy Days
4-The Sunburst Band- Taste The Groove-(Hot Toddy)- Z Records
5-Crazy P- The Hit- Kolour
6-Jamiroquai- Lifeline (Shook Remix)
7-Carabas- On The Road Again- Vehicle
8-Alkalino - Got That Funk - Audaz
9-Mousse T. - Brother on the Run- ( Hot Toddy)- Peppermint Jam
10-Haggis Horns- The Traveller pt.2 ( PBR Streetgand Remix)
11-Recloose- Dont Get Me Wrong- Delusions of Grandeur