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Dave Allison * slo-mo guest mix for Clubbing Shanghai*

El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
*brand new slo-mo guest mix *


Track List

1- Gredits - Doin' It Deep- Sccucci Manucci
2- Hotbox- Lazy Jingle Jam- Editorial
3-Heion feat. Miss Bee- Take Our Time- Editorial
4-JKriv- Something Special- Editorial
5-I:Cube-Falling- Versatile
6-Luvless-Oceans & Mountains-Free
7-Mario Basanov feat. Jeremy Glenn-More For The Less-Apersonal
8-Sunner Soul-Together Again-Vintage
9-Rabo & Snob- Camel Filter-Editorial
10-The Groovers-The Spirit- Editorial
11-Rocco Raimundo-Go On And Fly-House Of Disco
12-TonyT- The Feeling-Editorial

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