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Dave Allison-(Slo Mo Disco Set)- " Down in the Zone Mixx" -

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by El Dizzo, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

    Hey Folks,

    I did a recording the other week the pub , loopy slo disco grooves
    some new, some classics and some unreleased.

    Dave Allison - Slo Mo Disco -" Down in the Zone Mixx" -

    Grab it from the podcast here: PodOmatic | Podcast - Dave Allison (Kinjo Music) Podcast

    1-Super Value - Super Value Edits # 8
    2-Nigel Hayes -Slow Burn - Intelligent Audio
    3-Tornado Wallace- Swimmin' -Delusions Of Grandeur
    4-Ferdi Blankena -Mothers Son - Wolfskuil
    5-Toomy Disco - Flighless - So Sound
    6-Amplified Orchestra- Play It Disco For Me- Amplified
    7-Bob Sinclar - Get in to the Music -Yellow
    8-Amplified Orchestra- The Fighting Spirit - Amplified
    9-Daft Punk - Santa Claus - Crydamoure
    10-ICube - Fallin' - Versatile
    11-Floating Points -Love Me Like This -R2
    12-Zoe's Raygun- Don't Give up - Community
    13-Axxe -Saturday Night (Dave Allison Disco Dust Dub) -Mile End

    ps there is also a new Downtempo /Jazzy mix up there you might dig as well.


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