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Dave Allison - Live in Philly @ Kung Fu Necktie -June ,2010 ( deep & tech house)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by El Dizzo, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

    I wanted to share with you my latest live set
    - recorded last saturday night in Philly,
    I had blast spinning some deep n' techy grooves with
    Drumsong resident , Sean Thomas

    click here to get it from my podcast :

    :::::::::::PodOmatic | Podcast - Dave Allison (Kinjo Music) Podcast :::::::::::::


    Atnarko- Close your eyes -Onethirty
    Masque- Canela - Deep Class
    Giom -In Love- Lost my Dog
    Derrick Dunbar - Dripping Wet - Black Cherry
    LCG - I Want (Fred Everything) -LCG Music
    Kruse & Nurenburg - Mirror Ball
    Neighbour- Creative Revolution -Kolour
    Bleep District - Science & Soul - (LCG) - Amenti
    Lucas Keizer- Global Warming- Tango
    Tommy Largo - Don't you ever- Baldeelox
    Giom - I know you were right- Ornate
    Glocal - Sing Song (Jerico) - Lo Kik
    Derrick Dunbar - Feels Right (Deep Mix)- Black Cherry
    Sonny Fodera - What you Want - Drop
    House Inspectors - All The Way Love - Flapjack
    Tom Drummond - Downstrokin' (Inland Knights ) - Blockhead
    Real Time Hand Motion - Moonshine (Frankie J) - Knocturnal Emissions
    Dutch Rhythm Combo - Bonaire (Blackjoy) -High Score


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