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DAV-Friday Night Lights Mixx (New!)

El Dizzo

TRIBE Member
- new mix made for Mtlnights.com 4 year aniversary party & Move @ Stereo w/ DJ Heather (LAST NIGHT)




1-Hippie-Dazed n’ Confused-NRK
2-East Coast Boogiemen-Southern House – Afterschool
3-Inland Knights-A Place To Dig-Drop
4Lawnchair Generals- Word part II-Viva!
5-DJ Homewrecker-Glamour-Aroma Jacks
6-Hard Soul- About The Groove-After Midnight
7-Troydon-Phat Mama – Lowdown
8-Jully Black-Sweat of Your Brow(Hodges)-Aroma
9-Brand New Heavies – Shelter-(Dan’s Groove)-Ffrr
10-Mutiny UK-Secrets-Sunflower
11-Town & Country-Love Could Be-Amenti
12-Chuck Love –Funkywitdasystem-Tango
13-4:20-Funky Track(Mello)-Classic
14-DJ Homewrecker-Go Mobile-Aroma Jacks
15-Natrual Rhythm – Digifunk Era- Dotbleep
16-Jacob London- The Bull Cow’s Gonna Smack ya-Classic
17-Deep Rootz- B. Original- Blockhead
18-Troydon-Pushing On Strong-Drop

for anyone in Montreal tonight, I'll be spinning @ UPPERCLUB, release party of a free ep available now on www.triggerrecording.com contact me if you want guest list for it!

* attn: Mischief & Frankie, wake your asses up it's already 5pm, lol



Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

El Dizzo

TRIBE Member

uh oh,

Bandwidth explosion again :rolleyes:

links not up

if you are interested in getting a copy

just shoot me a PM and I'll hook ya up..
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