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Datura - psy/techno/

Subsonic Chronic

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Had fun on Friday night checking out and spinning at this little jam east of downtown.

I didn't get there until almost midnight but there was a nice crowd in the place hanging out and dancing to what was being played. It's a pretty cool little venue with cheap drinks ($5.25 revs! yeah!), some nice deco and a cool vibe.

It was a bit of a challenge spinning on the waterbed turntables... I think that they were on elastics or air cushions or something, but anyone who has had this experience before knows what I'm talking about. ;)
But at least they didn't skip!

I wish I wasn't already so tired when I arrived, but if the right music is being spun I could managed to get off my ass and still dance a bit (thanks to Basilisk).

I was pleasantly surprised that the turnout was as good as it was considering this was the first Datura night and considering that UofT had a psychedelic jam going on too. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. :)

Can't wait until the 15th!



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yeah boi!!!

psychadelicious i say. hopefully the next time i won't be as dead/sick so that i don't sit at a table staring in space :D


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nice set pete, well programmed and mixed.. and i wouldn't say it if i didn't truly think so. the venue was cozy, the drinks were cheap, and it was one helluva chill night. too bad about the sea-faring turntables - they were covered with barnacles and smelled like fish.


arr, there she skips!