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Darwin's explanation for homo folk


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Well I've read Dawkin's "selfish gene" etc. etc.

I've also read a lot of crap about how Darwinism doesn't fit into the homo "lifestyle" etc.

Well I am going to settle it for everyone who's reading, who already agrees with me anyway.

Fuck, the reason you have a gay uncle or lesbo aunt is because they babysit your kids and make sure they're OK. And those kids have 50%+ genetic same DNA as you so Darwin applies here.

Not my kids. Sometimes I fuckin hate the brats. Frankly lots of times I do. But here I am, stuck doing nothing, reading fuckin youtube and scopin' my ex-boss because I got nothing to do but listen to not-my-kids snore after a day of pool partying and me looking for a job.

Yeah, yeah.

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