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Darshan + Disco + DeLeon White Gallery


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They opened the space at around... 1am? something like that. It was kind of a rough night. My girl came with me and started feeling lousy about an hour into it. She left at 3am leaving me to fend for myself.

Luckily, the booze flowed all night and the crowd was super-sweet. I guess Aki was up first? He went from jazzy to pumpin and got the night started off right. Darshan came on around 3 and got his groove on - what a cutie! He was shakin it up there! His smile and bootie-shakin made you enjoy the music that much more.

Darshan is not, apparently, the mix-master. There was no attempt at even trying to mix. That sort of thing kind of annoys me, but I got over it pretty quick as the track selection was fun.

the Kids were in the mood for something a little harder, but you can't rush the disco groove.

not a bad space - they fit a decent amount of people in there.

oh, and just to vent: IT'S LOUD ON THE DANCEFLOOR. If I have to ask you what you just said to me 5x - FUCK OFF. I'm not going to ask you again.
1) you're making me miss the disco
2) I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'RE SAYING. I don't want to talk to you. GO AWAY.

I hate people. Boys are icky. Except for that one boy who was GIVIN' ER even harder than I was. He was wicked.

My poor feet... oooo...
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sick party. very dif than what it would have been like at 99 sud..but still good. i think the white walls keep the place bright which changes everything.

and it's quite funny, all these indie folks stroll over from spin and social...u can totally differentiate the house heads and the others.

good night...a nice warm up to friday. finger inc baby!


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Deep_Groove said:

many girls are icky too...I underrstand the sentiment :D

but I like to Give'r
hahaha - boo to icky boys and girls!
i wasn't being cold... i was trying to dance to the disco! don't talk to me when i'm dancing to the disco!!!!!!

like, really - some people have no savoir-vivre.
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holy shit. i'm really REALLLY glad i didn't decide to go NINETY NINE SUDBURY to see darshan.

i posed my question about the venue in the thread and didn't see that it was changed. (i read that pm, dvs, thanks! but stupidly didn't *read* the link!)

ah well.

was it still $20 cover? (esp. if they didn't start things up till around 1am?!)


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JESuX said:
was it still $20 cover? (esp. if they didn't start things up till around 1am?!)
i was worried about that too. we showed up at 11:45ish because on the flyer it said 15$ b4 midnight...

So when we got a few drinks down the street and came back an hour later, I was pleasantly surprised when the price was still $15!
BRAVO BLACKMARKET! I love walking in somewhere and not getting pissed off at the door... :: sigh o’ relief ::

Destro Sanchez

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2nd best set of the night for me.

(Dan at Tempo was first)

some D-Train, deep house, deep disco, roller boogie and then some...

like Morgan, he didn't really do any risky mixes, just layed down the law.

only stayed until 4:20 and walked/bombed home.

blkmrkt -- thanks again for bringing quality djs most people wouldn't dare! appreciated in front of the speaker.