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Darren Pearce & Breeder @ Breathe


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haha! I'm the first one home! its about 5:15 and I can just barely see well enough to type, which means it must be bed time.

Breeder was pretty much what I had expected. Deep, rythemic, lush trance. A lil slow in the beginning but they picked it up nicely. (it is after all a progressive set!) To my knoweldge Pearce and Breeder were doing a back2back? can anyone confirm this? I assume its true due to the mix of techno and progressive sounds near the end. I thoughly enjoyed it.

I do have one question however: where the HELL is Deko-ze? Is it just me or does he usually rock the place harder then the headliner?! The night just isn't the same without him... although I did hear someone spin Ubik in the second room hehe

I also figured out why I like breathe so much. T.B.K. Pure and simple, you guys kick some serious ass!

Peace & love. D

girl friday

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What a great night, Lisa, great seeing you again, Aphrodite, nice meeting you, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet more TBKers but I had a blast. This was my first time at system on a Friday and the people there were just great, I will definitely be in attendance more often

good night/morning


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Is it just me or was I not the only one who left because Pearce and Blades were putting me to sleep?

The mixing was tight and all, but I haven't heard a bland progressive set like that in ages. It wasn't bad or anything, but it just did nothing. It sat there like a crocadile does on a river bank after digesting a human.

Sorry guys, as much as I love Rowan's Breeder/Pariah stuff, I can't say I was fond of what I heard him spin... Of course I didn't dislike it either - which makes it even more confusing for me because I like to be able to tell when something is good and when it's bad. Nothing is worse than mediocrity! At least make it really shit or make it really bloody amazing!

I left at 4 AM. Blades seemed to be shifting out of first gear into 2nd (a little late considering they'd been on and off with each other for 2 hours and a bit) when I left. PLEASE someone tell me that it got better?!

The last time I made the mistake of taking off early was with Slacker/Shem McCauley and I heard that was a bad move.

I hope my decision was better made this time.

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssnore! Forgive me, but the drive home to Kitchener was a difficult one! I nearly crashed. I was awake when I got there...

Bring back Cass! That guy woke me up!

Jay K.


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YAAA HHOOOO!!! for the full hour I was there, I had a GREAT time!! *grin*

FLEAFLO & SILVER ROBOT rocked the back room, the energy was awesome.

so nice to see the TBK out and about as per usual::: Alchemy (thanks AGAIN for the lift), Fleaflo, SilverRobot, Janicakes, Echo, Aphrodite, I Lix, Chrome, Libradragon, MetalMophosis (nice to meet you!), Kife (i so won the hip battle), Mofo, Deep (although only on the way out *tsk tsk*), Highsteppa! (so nice to meet you too finally!!), Just Ethan, Lori (i dont know if you post, but I know you read!!!-- nice to finally meet you too! *wink*), SUKE, RentBoy.... hmmm... I feel like I'm forgetting someone.... oh and someone pointed out CREME to me, but we didnt actually meet... next time. *S*

ok enough of that. off to bed.



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i knew i forgot someone--- colderige! sorry to drag you around there for a bit... *L*

and Twich beifly on my way out!! next time, we'll talk!!! *grin*

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Hey Alchemy...are you still intrested in sellin me Cloud 69? Please let me know either way. Thanks...Steve


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Yes I am... I e-mailed u back about it a while ago, but alas no response... maybe you never got the mail though? lets try it again shall we? alchemy@tason.com tell me when u wanna meet up n stuff

Peace & love. D


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well shit. last nite was fun.

tribe board rocks system. especially the back room!! way to go guys! i'm so proud.

totally random nite out for myself last nite. and was SO pleasantly surprised to see everyone!! you guys ALWAYS make me smile.

can't review the music as i was hammered. tom - as always, the adventures are so fun with you!

i was so drunk that i read my watch wrong....left at what i look was 3:15ish to go flyer at turbo, but i am an idiot and it was only 2:15!!! prolly for the best as i got my drunken ass home before i did something dumb!!

fun times.
p.s. back to system tonite for farina! shoulda just slept there!!!


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In answer to your question Alchemy, Deko-ze was playing a party in Halifax that night. And, yes, he does usually rock the place, doesn't he? An amazing DJ for sure.


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Sarah! you were there!?!?!? I totally didnt see you!!!!!!

oh yeah, and I forgot to mention HMHA too *wink*

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well it was nice to meet a whole load of you last friday. I think it was definately company that made the night.
And Silver Robot & Fleaflo really really ripped it up. Especially considering their monitor sucked.

All together, another nice night at Breath.



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Great seeing you again, Lisa and Twitch, and it was cool to meet some of you guys... Highsteppa, Aphrodite...I'm looking forward to meeting more of you! Great night!

Metal Morphosis

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well - i can't really comment on the set because the evening was more like social hour, or rather HOURS than anything else. Just when i thought i'd met the entire TBK Breathe crew - i was introduced to quite a few others: KIFE - woo hoo, it's about time i met you mister, Aphrodite - what can i say, DJ Alchemy, I Lix, MoFo, madnezz, sorry if i've forgotten anyone - too much to drink = bad memory.
nice to see everyone else again. i can't believe how many wicked peeps belong to this board.

oh - and mike, i'm sure you're still reading the board - so thanks for the CD



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Social hour! Holy crap yes. Saw and met so many people.

Flea and SilverRobot ripped up the backroom to get things started. Nice set guys.

Another great night at System.

Deko-ze is back in a couple of weeks on March 23rd.

Next week is Danny Howells, who's set to down what very well could be the best set of the year.