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Darren J at Turbo


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for those who think that darren j isnt all that..... you stink. he droped the sickest set since jj frost' 4 hr set last yr at Turbo. i havnt been to Turbo in like at least since Sept. but damn. Darren J has my utmost respect after tonight he spun a sick ass set with the whole head(cartridge, needle, the whole shabang) shot! the one table was totally out to lunch. i couldnt really tell but when i was talkin to him later on in the night he was a little disturbed.

and in his words " i love your exchange rate, when i get off the plane i go straight to the Eaton Center" lol

maybe im not supposed to tell but check out milanos on sunday! hip hip



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wat a piss off...
... I was supp0sed to go last night...got all hyped 4 the drive to t-d0t...but no...i get called int0 werk
just my luk...
to top it off...he spins a kick ass set...



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turbo was pretty bangin' last night. i stepped in just in time to hear sniper and unknown souljah go back to back. i don't know who it was (i'm pretty sure it was sniper) but he dropped patife's sambassim off the forthcoming brasil ep. i think it caught the crowd off guard because they weren't really expecting something that mellow and funky but damn...i love that tune.

darren j was up next and his set was pretty impressive, despite the technical difficulties. midway through his set he had everyone in the basement going when he dropped the nine. his mixes were consistent, his track selection was great and let me tell you, hearing dj die's clear skyz more than made my night. the two dubs he dropped at the end of the night had me shaking my ass fe real!

in spite of the sketchy crowd last night (do i look like i sell k?) i still had a great time. happy birthday jeff!!! rude tune! rude tune!
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Damn...I guess I wasn't at the same Turbo you guys were.

I dunno....I found Darren Jay's set to be very boring. Most of his mixes were kinda shoddy...I mean come on. He even screwed up his first mix. Some nice tracks heard but nothing overly impressive. Oh well...I guess I'm too critical.



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Ya Darren Jays set was boooooooring for the first while, first 4 tracks were garbage, then he cained some big tunes and a couple of classics which was alright but his mixing was just decent at best. oh well at least caddy cad shut up, and thank god they didnt let mc p anywhere near that set