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Darren Emerson @ Turbo


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Yum yum ... what a blast this one was. Tim Patrick threw down a sweet set before Emerson got behind the decks, it got me movin' and started off the night well.

Darren Emerson put together a fabulous set. I thought his first few tracks were a little weak, but he really built it up and got the crowd bustin' it up large styles. It was really good to see he was just as much into the set as the crowd was, waving records at the crowd, pumping his fists, pointing at people in the crowd. I didn't quite get the DJ Hoes tho. To that blonde chick in the blue shirt, keep yer top on next time, and it's prolly not a good idea to be rubbing your tits all over the DJ when he's trying to mix in a track. Just a note for future reference. There were a couple other girls up there too, but nuff said with that first one.

I'm assuming it was Stretch & Hooker doing the back 2 back after Emerson's set, and that was just as good as the headliner.

Joanna, good to see you again (seems like every weekend now, eh?
), and I hope Svet is feeling better. And boo-urns to the no camera policy that I didn't know about. Took my damn battery, but at least I got it back at the end of the night. Sorry lb, no drunken pics of you this time around

-- Jay aka Fut
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