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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Adam Duke, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Yup. I ventured out to my second darkrave in search of my industrial roots.
    Like the first one I went to, I had a total blast...the music was wild, the crowd was full of people from all walks it seemed, and everyone was enjoying themselves.

    The track programming was pretty damn good overall, but being a dj myself, I gotta say that the mixing needs A LOT of work! You should stand on the floor and watch how much the number of people on the dancefloor fluctuates based on the smoothness of your mixing - trust me, you folks are on the right track and could have that floor ON FIRE, if only you spent more time making sure your mixes were smooth. Also, a few of the dj's were TOTALLY overdriving the system and it sounded like crap out on the dancefloor when it was completely distorted all the time - keep an eye on your levels! [​IMG]

    Other than that, I think DarkRave put on a great visual show and definitely has a niche in Toronto's party scene - it'll be interesting to see what 'sound' develops from these endeavors...

    To all of you who have never been to one - go check it out! It's worth the experience!

    tech care,

  2. ElektroTekBabe

    ElektroTekBabe TRIBE Member

    DarkRave was awesome. I went with my best friend.....and we had a BLAST!!! (Kaeb baby, it was awesome partying with you) There were freaks everywhere...then again, so are WE! hahahahaha...........I loved it. People, if you like DARK, EVIL, HARD sounds, you will luv DarkRave. Interesting atmosphere...you could never be bored there. So much entertainment. The track selection was WILD! The mixing sucked! The DJs have potential, but I believe that not enough passion was put into the mixing of tracks. (not to mention the playing of CDs!! shh...) Overall...very fun party! [​IMG]
  3. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    This mixing has sucked since the first darkrave. Either Lazarus doesn't care about this aspect of the music or he just doesn't have the talent.

    And if you thought there were alot of freaks now.. you should have seen what it looked like spring of 99
  4. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    Oops.. this is 2002 right?

    Make that spring of 2000. [​IMG]
  5. rejenerate

    rejenerate TRIBE Member

    My boy dj'ed at Darkrave...he spun (I think mainly) vinyl with the odd CD track. And he -knows- how to mix very well. [​IMG]

    But I do have to say my favourite was Squid's hardcore industrial/noise set...intense throughout, and the reaction from the crowd when he first started with the droning grind was priceless!

  6. ADT

    ADT TRIBE Member

    Overall the mixing at all dark raves are pretty shit..

    Lazarus is total hack.. but hes worked the goth thing to his advantage well.. he spins good tunes..

    i like most of the music at darkraves..

    but the goth scene has become so sad that it cant survive without aligning itself with the techno, thats pretty pathetic..

    at least compared to back in the day..


    being a goth is a good excuse to do blow though..


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