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Darkrave @ Reverb


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What can I say? If you like hard trance this party kicked major ass. If you got there late you missed an amazing couple of sets... DJ with the Hawaiian shirt.. WHAT is your name Dude? Kicked me around the dance floor like nobodies business.

BLA upstairs were absolutely Tribal, too bad it got REALLY friggin hot up there it was hard to breathe, but the vibe up there was unbelievable.

Downstairs again.. wow... some serious kick-ass remixes. Except for a few instances this party was seriously no-attitude, everyone was just whipping to the music. Was my first Darkrave and grooving in my cargoes and sneakers next to a chick in boots, fish-nets and a corset was awesome. mmm... goth chicks are sooo hot.

Security was amazing too.. no hassles, no problems. Definately sold me on the next one.



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apparently I got there too late... 12:30 and they were at capacity and not letting people in... ah boo. oh well... I had a wikked night anyhow - bar hopping down Queen in the pouring rain =) yehaw!


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dood in the hawaiian shirt is dj Phink. spins killer psy usually.. he's a DSF resident too.

Next one with Juno Reactor and Medicine drum.


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i think darkrave has gotten too popular for its own good! i went to one when they first started and it was nice, small and intimate. its still a small venue......but with WAY more people crammed in there and absolutely no ventilation upstairs! but i digress....we got there around 11pm and there was no one on the dancefloor, so my friends and i decided to start things off. the music was amazing.....nice hard trance.
we checked out the bla room which also was pounding. i really love goa people- they're so much fun to watch! but alas, it got way too hot for me.

we only stayed for a couple of hours, cuz they way overpacked the place- you could barely move. i hate when people do that.
oh well......i had fun for 2 hours, then i left.



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Were you the tall blond guy with the blue glowsticks or the guy with the shirt+tie and the green glowsticks?

We got there pretty early too and were one of the only ones on the dance floor when Phink was spinning. To reiterate.. he kicked my ass.
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BLA upstairs - really cool artwork and setup. But ya got way too warm up there.

Around 1ish the party really started to take off downstairs.

I spoke with dj Phink a bit he is cool (plus yup I like his music too) as where most of the people I spoke to... no thugs, no asshole security, hardly any attitude, no problems as far as I could see. Reminds me of what Industry used to be like in a darker kind of way.

Lots of people dressed up in wicked outfits, and those Goth girls sure are sexy!!!!

Enjoyed all the music, danced, got very drunk and had strange people grope me, so I had fun.

See you all at the next one.