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Darkrave #27


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....I have too much fun at these things.....

...I don't know...if you've never been you should check it out...really.....

...it works on several levels....


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...just a wonderful mix of complete sketchers, goths, rave kids, bull dykes, gay boys, passers through, and cyber kids....

...the music is always interesting, and they mix it up more than I think people who have never been may think, a mix of all forms of electronic music, as long as it can be looked at as....I don't know..."dark" in some way.....I even heard Bad Company.....

...Darkrave has that anything may happen feel of parties from years past, something that I think has been lost lately with most events or parties full of kids in two hundrend dollar street wear and silver link chains.....

...go check it...


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Yes they are quit good, sometimes.
I go for the psytrance myself, and Sat night Phink did not let me down
For all that missed his set (which was only 45 min long----booo)
you missed the best set Dj Phink has laid down in a while
full on, full on, it progressed nicely and was mixed superbly

My only complaint about darkrave is there is not enough Blacklight, and not enough deco