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Dark Territory


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Thought i'd put on some more of slightly darker, slightly edgier stuff.. you may or may not find this darker or edgier than anything else..but i hope you enjoy it none the less..


Random Unreleased Records - 003 - RUR

Wishmountain -Rose - Antiphon

Massive Attack V Burial - Paradice Circus - Inhale Gold

In Sync V Mysteron - Gravity Pull - 10th Planet

NRSB 11 - Consumer Programming - Weme

Paka - Solitude - Metaphysik

Shackleton - Blood on my Hands - Willalobo Mix - Skull Disco

Mike Parker - Kaze No Oto - Time to Express
Gesloten Cirkel - Hole - Berceuse Heroique

Simulant - Access Future Audio - Scopex

Versalife - Ionization - Cultivated Electronics

Versalife - Tales of the Unexpected - Clone

Zyntax - New World Order - Zyntax

Morphology - Trioptimum - Abstract Forms

GB - The Xpander - Gifted and Blessed

Julius Aitken and Tom Silvestr - Whatever

Gosub - Lost in our Ways - Frustrated Funk

Instra:mental - Let's Talk - Nakedlunch

Anokie - Highwall - Zyntax

All done in one hit on 2xTechnics 1210 - @320 kbps
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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hey placid, did you ever live in TO? for some reason i thought you lived here and moved to the UK. if you didn't. what are you doing on tribe?

btw your deep house mix for Six Axle has kept me grooving at work this afternoon.