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Dark Matter TV show


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Anyone watching this new SciFi show? I just happened upon it the other day and watched the first 4 episodes. I thought it had a familiar feel to SGU, and it turns out it is produced by the same people. It is Canadian, shot in Toronto.

It seems to me to be a kid of SGU/Firefly kind of hybrid.

I am not sure what to make of it yet but it is scifi so I will probably watch it anyway. A few first impressions... The fight scenes seemed poorly choreographed or shot, the sets look vaguely familiar, cute lead actress, reasonable special effects.

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glych t.anomaly

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Acting is piss poor right now, watched the first episode, unless it gets better REALLY fast than a big NOPE.

They should have brought SGU back fucking MORONS
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I hadn't even heard of Killjoys until now! Thanks for the heads up!