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Danny Tenaglia, Joe Clausell & Danny Krivit @ Vinyl, NYC

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Nesta, Jul 3, 2001.

  1. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    We got to Vinyl on Friday at about 11:30pm, only to find out the club wasn't opening until 12:30am. Met some real cool peeps from Austin, Texas, and it just so happens they're coming to Toronto for the Indy. When I told them about Deep Dish @ Breathe, they lost it. We were the first to get into the club, and DT was already on the decks. You could see his trademark baseball cap bouncing around in the dark booth. What really shocked me during the first hour is that he was playing a lot of electro breaks, mixing it up with some old skool funk and some vocal retro numbers. He slowly built it up until about 1:30am when he dropped his very own remix of The Orb's classic "Little Fluffy Clouds". From there he just killed it, dark, downright dirty and nasty tribal tech house. THE BEST SET I'VE EVER HEARD, hands down!! It was a real treat to see him for the first time in my life in his hometown. He was in the booth with his mic and his flashlight. Every now and then he would flash the light out at the crowd, waving it around like a madman. He then came on the mic and asked that everyone be careful as to what they were doing in the club because the entire NYC club scene has been under surveillance, and he didn't want to lose the "Be Yourself" night. Vinyl reminds me so much of Industry-the crowd, the vibe, the sound, everything.

    On Sunday we decided to check out the infamous "Body and Soul". We got there at 8:30pm, and Joe Clausell and Danny Krivit were going back to back, playing the most powerful, soulful vocal garage house and breakbeat garage I have ever heard. The crowd was older(late twenties, early thirties) and really up for it. The vibe was tight. At about 11:30pm, the lights came on. Like I said before, it was shocking how similar Vinyl and Industry are. If you're looking to capture that old Industry vibe, check Vinyl. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Peace.
  2. fleaflo

    fleaflo TRIBE Member

    I don't thing DT knows how to play a bad set anymore. 25+ years and he's still getting better. Welcome back Nesta!

  3. Ilia

    Ilia TRIBE Member

    Sounds like you had a great weekend in NYC Nesta. Will see ya on Friday...

  4. lift

    lift TRIBE Member

    wow man- that's wicked. one day i'll get to vinyl...
  5. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    hey nesta...good to hear your trip to nyc was fun...i've heard amazing things about body & soul...& of course the man like danny t, how can you go wrong...see ya soon [​IMG]


    ps just waiting for steves posts on his crazy weekend...
  6. f8

    f8 TRIBE Member

    Im heading to the City at the end of the month.
    Any other good clubs to check out?
    Ill be there for a weekend
    Ive been to NYC many times
    but last few times have been to hang with friends, but now its about friends and clubs.
  7. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    With the closing of Twilo, The Tunnel, and Limelight, your choices are slightly limited. I would most def go to Vinyl on Friday to see Danny Tenaglia, and Erick Morillo hosts Subliminal Sessions every Thursday at Centro Fly. You can grab a copy of 411 magazine for free at any HMV. All the club/party info you need is in there. Peace.
  8. patio-d

    patio-d TRIBE Member

    if you can wait until August 11, you could reach the Body & Soul party in Central Park which was supposedly just phenomenal last year...

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