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Danny Tenaglia @ Guvernment - January 10 2015


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Easily the best Guvernment experience i've ever had. No that I've been there many times. But everything about this night was just surreal, and special..

I've never seen DT before, so very happy I was able to get this in.

Pretty much what you'd hope for. All night techno grinder.


Definately you can tell when Danny's playing. The vibe is completely different.
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I just want to add, that the crowd was A+ I feel a bit older now obviously compared to most of the crowd is in their 20 somethings.

But really great folks. Makes me happy to see young folks enjoying Techno as it's meant to be delivered. Getting away from EDM.


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nicely done, james! that was a night/morning that i will never forget. i've seen danny play well over a dozen times, and that was probably my favourite experience yet. that's exactly how i wanted to see off the guvernment. it really is the end of an era. i have so many incredible memories from that venue that i will cherish forever. can't wait to catch danny later this year at stereo!!


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aww.. I wanted to go so badly, but I have a bad cold that I am trying to shake. Didn't think it would be wise to leave the house.

Everyone said it was aces!

I managed to check him out during the afternoon when he played Ryze last summer. It was off the hook. Thew down some of the best tech house and techno that I've ever heard for me and about 80 other people. I rode my motorcycle there and danced my ass off sober for from 12:30-3pm LOL

Klubmasta Will

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i am sad to have missed this too. i didn't hear about it until the next day. i'm out of the loop these days!

nesta - nice to see you made it out for this! it's been too long since my last real DT experience. seeing him for a couple hours at a festival doesn't count. seeing him for a marathon set at club arc/vinyl in nyc during his closing week was one of the highlights of my raving career.

funny that this is on DT's wikipage: On April 17, 2012, Danny announced via his Facebook page he was "resigning", canceling all upcoming shows except his birthday party at Pacha on April 28. His hiatus is indefinite.
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So my lady, who DJ's sent him a very flattering message after the Guv, and he responded on his twitter, and said thank you very much, and followed her on twitter. Left it for one day, My Girl was over the moon thinking this was really important.

It's still a huge game, and she'll be upset when she learns of that news she was erased, and deleted on his twitter after a couple days.

I guess the scene is really that fickle, I've seen it first hand trying to do somethething, and pour my heart out into local folks wlp, to really make them succeed with all I've given with my accomplishments over the past 17 years, to get turfed as easy.

It really is just a stupid game. I'm done with all this crap. How many asses can you kiss really. This is going to break her heart.


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Just parousing this thread again. DT used to play this track on everything in the late 90's. Seriously nailed the vibe I'm going to say it again. :p When he put it on couple weeks back, I couldn't believe it.

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