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danny tenaglia essential mix 1994


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downloaded it this morning from audiogalaxy.
some super soulful vocal new york garage house transforms itself into some downright dirty tribal business before the 2 hours are through.

sounds a bit dated, but very good none the less.
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Par- T

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Danny T's stuff is always good, no matter how old it might be.
I need some DT now!

[pleading] come back to Toronto soon [/pleading]

I'm going though withdrawl for 1 1/2 years, it's just not humane to leave me in this state.


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i had downloaded this months ago and listened to it once or twice, but never really got into it. at the time i was grabbing music like a fiend, so perhaps i never really gave it a chance. or maybe i was expecting something deeper.... i dunno.

anyway, i grabbed it again today, and thank god for that! funky, pumping party music! this one will defnitely make it onto tape and into the car. :)

thanks for the reminder nesta!

BTW, i listened to the first hour of the donald glaude emix from last night, and it sounded pretty great. from what i understand the 2nd hour got even better. so keep an eye out over the next couple of days on audiogalaxy for its appearance.