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danny t - back to basics


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ok, so i've only listened to the first disc so far, but damn, it's unbelievable!!

funky and delicious!

whadya you guys think of it?



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thierry, do you have msn?

i have it on my computer at home.

oh, you'll need real player.

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go to the general forum, and look for a thread named something like 'Tribe Collaborative FTP...' it has many pages. should be either on the first or second page. started by 'the watcher'.

read his original post, and you shall be granted membership!



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My company blocks my use of Real Player.

So....I'm fucked again.

I am ALWAYS missing out on great tunes as a result. All I do is pray for shit on Windows Media. It's sad, really.

And this CD is not available for another month.

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I've got the album in mp3 format, but I can't seem to log into the ftp-site, so I'll upload it when I can.

I'm listening to it right now, and its some sweetness :D



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01. Moon Knights - Midnight Lady (Deep Rose Mix)
02. Dubtribe Sound System - Do It Now
03. BRS - Catch The Boat (Fthing Loft Interpretation)
04. Black Powder - Mosaferat
05. Narcotic Thrust - Safe From Harm (Andy Morris & Stuart Crichton Mix)
06. David James - (Always) A Permanant State (Original Mix)
07. Cevin Fisher - Work It Out (Cevin Fisher's Original NYC Mix)
08. Corrina Joseph - Live Your Life With Me
09. Blaze Presents James Toney Jnr Project - Afro Groove/Afro Moog
10. Christian Morgenstern - Aux Talk Funkativity
11. Contact - Conact (16B Mix)
Acapella: Celeda - Be Yourself (And No One Else)
12. Superchumbo Feat Victoria Wilson-James - The Revolution


01. Quicksound Feat Isabelle Rajotte - Stop Foolin Around
02. Breeder - Carnival XIII (Argo Mix)
03. The Kings Of Tribal - Situation
04. Stefano Greppi - Freedom Is (DJ Vibe Mix)
05. Soul Mekanik - I'll Call You (Thin Red Man Mix)
06. Sapphirecut - Free Your Mind
07. Cass/Slide & DTen - Fever Rising (Ben Shaw Mix)
08. Sharpside - Belgian Resistance
09. Dream Sequence Feat Blake Baxter - Work That Body (Dat Body Mix)
10. Graylock - C.T.M. (Steve Rachmad Longcut)
11. The Hacker - Just Play
12. Fused - Terror (The Vinyl Anthem)

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