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Danny Howells

Special K

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Originally posted by Nesta
i take it you were not there when he played the basement of element... twice! both sets were off the fucking hook! i'm not into his sound like i used to be, but the man has rocked toronto on numerous occasions.
hehe my best night out EVAR!!!

Special K

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Originally posted by AdRiaN
Interesting ... I loved Steve Lawler's set at Guvernment a couple of weeks ago. So I guess that means everyone around here must have hated it. :)
lawler is no longer "tribe-cool"...

its alright though...i still think hes THE BEST DJ EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE



and yes he OWNED GUV last weekend...



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Originally posted by beatjunkie
This thread gets a big fat :rolleyes:

Who cares if BarneyIllfingas doens't like Danny Howells anymore, who cares if he went to the Kool Haus or not, who cares who he likes.
this is a message board...where ppl post their thoughts and opinions. the thread is already 3 pages and only a day old...unheard of in the prog room! :D

so obviously, ppl care.