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Danny Howells @ System


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massssssive!!! wow. talk about some amazing tracks, definately didn't disappoint.. but damn, three nights of goin out all night and working all day sure did catch up, first time i ever fell asleep in a club last night. oops.

when he dropped that africa ca ca ca track the whole place blew up.. i think everyone was dancing by that point.

so when's he coming back again?
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I decided to hit this up when at about 9:30 I realized that Sarah and I might be able to make it down from my dirthday dinner in time to get in before 11 and get "pee" on my hand
(Thanks Petra! I have no idea what you look like, although Sarah does and we were on the lookout all night, to no avail
I totally forgot that people might end up buying me birthday drinks, because the plan had been that tonight (Saturday) would be party night. Thanks to everyone who offered to buy me a drink, and to everyone who did - I wasn't drinking too much, but I still got my buzz on

It had been basically April since I'd been to Breathe, and I know why I used to go all the time - so many wicked people whom I hadn't seen in a blue moon. Bigups to everyone who made my night a really random, yet amazing night!! Met a bunch of new Tribers as well which was awesome.
As far as the music goes, let's just say it was progressive. Face it, I never go to System on Friday to hear music (Howells? Who's Howells?
). But then, on the search for Petra, we discovered the niiiice house kicking in the VIP lounge, which was a wicked surprise - I stayed in there for quite a while, then decided to head home because I knew that the night was just a warmup, and the amount of drinks that still had to make their way to me was quite big. I ducked out without saying goodbye to too many people, but I wish I could have siad thanks to everyone for making my warmup night so hardcore


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The Good:
*music was excellent quality all evening!
-I really enjoyed Mark Scaife's warmup set. Really good energy, nice mixing, and smart track selection made it enjoyable to listen to while schmoozing w/some friends.
-Danny Howells was relentless!!! I didn't stop shakin my ass for a good 3 hours and that's only on one Rev. Not bad for an old timer like me!I especially enjoyed the first hour of his set.

The Bad:
-not enough poonani
- I felt like Darcy Tucker as I was being roughed up all night by people who don't understand the concept of personal space. Lots of pushing, shoving and people who can't control their flailing arms.

The Ugly:
-the crowd!!!! ewwwwwwwww, lots of bad haircuts, questionable fashion, massive pot bellies and GINOS. Since when did Ginos have the right to come to System Soundbar??? Huh???? You don't see me strutting into Palazzo or Plastique!!! I believe their presence had a strong effect on driving all the pretty ladies away.


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i can't feel my face. well i can but that ear to ear grin i had all last night has left it really sore. must harvest new braincells to write proper review. wicked night danny did not disappoint. nicest dj ever.


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Funniest part of the whole night...

In the back room, some guy giving this couple (fuck, I wish I had a camera) such a light show ("Whhhooaaa... I'm going backwards in TIME..." was the look on the recipients' faces)... they were on their knees, enraptured by these spinning LEDs... the looks on their faces *afterwards* as they tore up the dance floor (I think even getting a couple of Lambada [the forbidden dance, don't ya know?] moves in somehow, and providing minutes of belly-shaking laughter for the audience members...

Hell, I got mesmerized for a second, and I could feel the IQ points spilling onto the ground... I really felt like I wanted to dirty dance...
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MalGlo:
hey.. i'm sure they were having fun..

whats wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing... they were having fun, we were having fun... nobody hurts, nobody drowns...

It was worth the price of admission to watch this...

You know, everyone covers the music, and touches on the crowd somewhat vaguely in their reviews...

How about just some simple stories of a moment or two that made the night different...?


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last night wasn't one of my best nights out, but i definitely had fun. i thought the music was good, but a little, (shields herself from the attack), flat. (sorry, no offence meant). besides that, it was nice meeting some new tbk, and seeing those i already know.


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This is the part where I complain about having to work today. (As I throw on my uniform).

I haven't paid attention to one of Scaife's sets in some time and I must say that he's definitely matured his style. Sounds good Scaife!

Howells was great. Satisfying as a Strawberry Smoothie.

Crowd was good. Saw lots of people from "back in the day" (high school 'n' shit). And lots of other
familiar faces.

Damn work. Damn, damn work.



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A very enjoyable evening - to say the least. Stared out with a jaunt down the four0one - hit a mattress on the way - and ventured to see/hear a pianist pump out some wikked Brahms tunes from the analog keyboard. Then Moez and cru sang their hearts out for Beethoven's 9th - everytime the alto and soprano came on it sent chills down my spine. A very good performance.

Then it was off to System - my first visit - to see the one known as Danny Howells. After standing in line for a bit and getting reduced price thanks to Cheeka and Ashley we were in. It was a very good night - I got to see a bunch of familiar faces and met a few new ones as well. Everytime I wandered into the main room the floor was jammed solid and everyone was bustin' out their moves. I never relaly know what to expect of progressive but I do have to say that I was really liking what was heard. A lot of crowd pleasing, danceable chunes.

I hope to return on a more normal night where i can actually dance a little more - I don't care for the squishy coffin style dancing.

It was worth the drive to Toronto.

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Wow, what a night, I had a great time at system. The club (especially the ventilation!) and it's atmosphere were excellent, the sound system was nice and clean sounding, and Howells played amazing records. It wasn't what I was expecting at all, Howells was tough as nails the whole way through, and he played a nice tech house vibe for a while. I loved the dub of 'Breathe' that he played as the second 'encore'.

Super big thanks to Jay and Deep for being so friendly, as well as everyone else I had the pleasure of meeting.

Only complaint:
System should serve booze all night.


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Trainspotting please!

I know Howells isn't the easiest dj to do this with, but I'm actually curious to hear some of the tracks he dropped to compare with recent sets.


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I caught the Hipp-E twisted mix of Pixels briefly, but that's about it.

he was dropping whites all night, some cd-rs too towards the end.


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Mark Scaife is an amazing DJ, but somehow his sets keep getting better and better every time I'm at System. I heard some really old school tracks in his set, and he had the energy levels at fever pitch for Mr. Howells to come on. Danny started off a little slow for the first couple songs, then WHACK! He proceeded to tear shit up for the next 3 hours. I really liked how he played a huge range styles, never locked into one sound. We got to hear that HouseNation track again, I can't even remember when the last time I heard that was! At around 5 I kinda lost interest though, I guess from all the different styles he played I got lost and didn't really know what I wanted to hear, so I left at 6.

About the crowd, I saw that couple too! Everyone must have, those two were getting REAL frisky. They must have had a lot of fun that night.
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WHAT HAPPEN indeed. Someone set up up the bomb diggity.

Myself, my girl Kathleen, and my buddy Adam got in at around 11:30 and waited for half an hour in the coat check line (doh.. nice people running the coat check though). Proceeded to wander around and run into unending numbers of Tribe kids. Awesome to see everyone out there and having a good time.

Made our way to the back room just after midnight and ran into yet more Tribe and GU people. Luke laid down a perfect back-room early night set, getting people grooving yet keeping the music lower key and giving us all a chance to talk. this is what warm-up music is all about in my opinion. Nice smooth grooves with a little edge and a little funk. Particularly good crown reaction from the young man's own remix of Kings of Tomorrow's "Finally" (PS: You will give me a copy of that track ASAP, mister!!)

Made our way to the front at around 2:00 to hear Danny and danced our asses off for th next several hours. Definitely a great set, although I would have liked to hear a little more of Danny's smooth baseline-driven house tracks that he likes so much. He was banging it out pretty much right away, although his track selection was awesome as per usual. Great to see his laughing and dancing the whole, also as per usual. A really fun DJ that makes for a really fun night.

Always nice to see everyone:

Che, JayIsTheMan, Nesta, Rick (been a while, man!), Tearer, Coleridge (the CD you gave me is terrific man), Creme, Highsteppa, Libradragon (I recongized you! Yay!), Gizmo (thanks for the beer big guy!), Temper Tantrum & friend Bonnie, girl friday, chickpea, mcbee, beaker, John aka cheezwhiz (always good to see you man). You folks all rock.

There were about a thousand TBK there that I didn't have a chance to meet, but I hope to get a chance soon!

- Sam


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PS: Sorry to anyone I forgot.. there were too many people for my tired little brain to keep track of.
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OLM from HOM

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Finally home from work, and the only thing keeping me up is that I wanted to say how incredible I found last night to be. Danny Howells was stellar on the decks, dropping pumping track, after pumping track. He had me dancing throughout his set(minus a 7 minute smoke/drink/bathroom break) ... not just bouncing around from foot to foot, but dancing hard, the whole body controlled by the beats.

Highlight of the night for myself, belonged to the remix of Green Velvet's La La Land. When I heard it, I lost my mind ... I forgot about everyone around me, and danced like I had all the room in the world (sorry to anyone I injured, lol). The way the song built-up was incredible ... "Something about those little pills ..." getting louder, as were the instrumentals, all coming together for an awesome, rushy explosion that had everyone throw their hands in the air, and start dancing like crazy mofo's. WOW!

Special thanks to Special K, for another awesome night, and respects out to all of the Tribe crew. WHAT!



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hey heeeeeyy! great to see some peeps in the lineup, socialize a bit, then turn right around and walk down the street

sounds like a great turnout, I'm sorry i wasn't inside, there's a lot of people I miss seeing
(especially girl friday, chickpea, and dora, I keep meaning to come out!) kul-kat, one day we'll be at the same venue at the same time... it will happen... LOL

apologies to Finary, sorry dude.

brandon and I hit Element instead.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RJ45:
the young man's own remix of Kings of Tomorrow's "Finally" (PS: You will give me a copy of that track ASAP, mister!!)


Sammy sam, it wasn't KOT's *Finally* that Luke remixed, it was KOT's *I Want You All to Myself*. And it fucking blew me away.


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well, as a picky music dork, i personally could not enjoy mark scaife's set.
he truly has a fine smooth mixings though.
and i admire him for that, but my best moments of my nite was danny howells's techno session for a little while.

Danny has a great professional mixing style though, his way of programming made me question a little.
I guess it is his style.
His set started with some slow afro housy tracks, that turned into progressive stuff, and since i had to work the next day i was about to leave, and he dropped some yummy techno sound :) some good tribal and electro stuff i say.. that was the most yummy part, and made me be happy to love techno (techno controls my boodie :) )!!

it was great to see all of the tribers there!
Happy Birthday to one of the most fun loving girls who i admire, respect and love: petra!
i really hope you had the amazing time!

special thanks for mr. tall for such gentle man like behaviour and showing me your kind and thoughtful personality :)
and werd deep yo strong man always carry girls away with one arm! lol
it was really nice to see you, buddy!
it is too bad that we could not talk too much :(
i hope you are feeling refreshed and not tired anymore though! keith
and it made my day so gorgeous to see a gorgeous girl like: allie!
you are so *wow* you make my jaw keep dropping for a while! lol
it was so sweet to see a happy couple like mcbee and basic i hope you two had a great fun there also!
it was nice to see girl friday and chickpea! you go girls!!!
i had a fun dancing beside slippery pete also~
and it was cool seeing mr. furious crew and pete!
will: you rule!!!
and it is always nice to talk to james. you are definitely like one of a person i would like to consider you as my brother or something.. hehe
really, thank you for being who you are :)
and yeahhhhh...i met naomi!! Roarrrrrrr!!!
oh god, naomi. i love you :)
(let's keep my comment as simple as possible!!! )
and Gizmo : it was nice to see you there! you have got really beautiful eyes :)
(like one of naomi's kind..you know? ;) )
and it was nice to meet the girl who most of us were talking about on the pikcha thread..she really is beautiful! :)
and cheezwhiz: you are one very polite person.
and JayisTheMan has got the real musculine boodie~ it was very nice to meet you finally! your pretty female friend was a very nice person too!! woahhh~
dora: we could not talk :( but it was nice seeing you! same with Helen! :)
will see you each other dancing our ass off at next techno party!!!
and yeah: the nonstop funky dancer who danced a couple moments together with miss. wunderfry scott: you guys were fun!
i want to thank my good friend, duncan for being such a fun person to hang around with, and rob for bumping into me outside of system :) it is always nice to see you!!
and those of you i met there and i can not remember the name, i still remember you guys! and it was nice to see you all~~

thanks for the fun time you all~




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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Libradragon:
Sammy sam, it wasn't KOT's *Finally* that Luke remixed, it was KOT's *I Want You All to Myself*. And it fucking blew me away.</font>
Doh. Of course.
My bad..
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