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~ DANNY HOWELLS Dig Deeper @ Stereo ~


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before i begin, let it be noted that my 24th time of seeing mr. howells was on may 2-4 weekend. coincidence? well - ok, yeah, probably.

we arrived at stereo around 2:30 - doors opened at 2:00, where they told us that the club "wasn't ready yet" (???), so we couldn't go in. so, we waited in line and got inside around 3. was able to go up to the dj booth to say "hi" as there was no security yet at the bottom of the stairs checking for vip status. there was a decent number of people when we got in, and it filled up steadily throughout the night, especially after parking closed at 3. it was the fullest i've ever seen it (granted, i've only been there 3 times now), but never uncomfortably so. the temperature also managed to remain pretty decent all night - it was never really that hot, which i was impressed with, considering there was a fair amount of people in there. that's more than i can say for the smell though! i've also never experienced the "dividing of the room" before. the right hand side was filled with sweaty, shirtless men, and if you were wearing a shirt, or were a girl, you were in the other half. there was also a lot of really sketchy gurning geriatrics there. and i most definitely know it is certainly not my finest hour in a club at 11 am, nor anyone's for that matter, but they were honestly frightening. the odd thing was, going out the door through stereobar's afterhours at the end, was WAY less sketchy than inside stereo.

on to the music! the first half of danny's set was phenomenal. there was some tribally business at the beginning - he didn't spend too much time on a warm up last night, and built it up from there. i believe the word "legendary" was used on more than one occasion. ;) however, around 7 or 8, the music had gotten really hard and relentless, but with no funk. to me, it was pretty stompy and i need something to shake my ass to, so i couldn't get into it at all and had to sit down. it wasn't the fact that the music was harder - it just didn't have anything else to it for me other than "bang bang bang stomp stomp stomp". i wouldn't call it techno - not really sure what it was, but the majority of the people were lovin' it, so who am i to say? this went on for probably about 45 minutes, when lo and behold, what should i hear being mixed in, but jon silva's "love in me", which is like the best track ever! ok, i lie, but i have been wanting to hear it out ever since i heard it on the essential mix, and i do love, love, love it. <3 from then on, it was good again. you really do need to hear the end of his sets for the magic to happen, and it did. from about 9 - 12, he was playing a lot of really melodic stuff, and i am positive he played an underworld track (or 2 in a row), but i have no idea what the actual name of it is. then from 12 - 1, it was anything goes, in typical danny fashion. the only thing i recognized in that hour was thom yorke - "harrowdown hill", which sounds amazing on a proper system (as opposed to my computer speakers!)

around 12, since we were more or less crippled in pain from dancing all night by this point, we noted that the security guards to the vip were gone again, so we went and parked ourselves on the couches behind the booth - no one else was up there, and no one made us move. nice. this one security person started going in to talk to danny and i figured he was telling him to end it, and then he'd disappear and danny would keep going, and then the security guard would come back and the same thing happened about 3 more times, so i thought danny just wasn't listening to him, and i couldn't figure out why he was getting away with not stopping. we found out later that there was an agreement that he could play till 1 and that is indeed when it ended, although danny claimed he could have gone on longer. some dude was asking him about the style he normally plays and danny was like "ask her [me] - she's seen me loads of times." suffice it to say, my description was crap!

anyways, i think that's it. i hurt, and i'm going to bed.

vanessa & co - much thanks again for the hospitality! it was great hanging out with you guys before and at stereo. :)
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I hesitate to use the word "legendary" to describe the night ... but it was legendary! :D

Danny is such a great match for Stereo and I think his maiden voyage in that room has been eagerly awaited for years. I actually did not mind the harder stuff (it was percussive more than stompy), so I pretty much enjoyed the entire 10 hours of his set from start to finish. What a work out. Not to sound like a broken record, since I end up saying the same thing after every marathon set, but it's really impressive that Danny can blend together the best elements of different genres for hours on end while also evolving his sound over the years. Hats off to him!

It was nice to see a full house at Stereo and quite impressive to see a couple hundred people (my estimate) still going strong by 1pm. The crowd had some distinctly sketchy elements, which I shudder to think might have been the result of people who were partying non-stop since 7pm the day before for Tenaglia at Parking.

Overall, an absolutely fantastic weekend that certainly lived up to some very high expectations.
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mandapanda said:
some dude was asking him about the style he normally plays and danny was like "ask her [me] - she's seen me loads of times."
seriously lol'd on that one...I could just imagine the expression on his face while saying that, ha.

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amanda & adrian....good partying with you and the rest of the toronto crew @ stereo ! sorry we had to leave at the end of the night without saying goodbye. sara needed to get back to the hotel and catch a ride back to ny so we rushed to beat the coat check line as soon as the last track ended.

danny has the recording of the entire set....how much he wants to release of it, if any, will be up to him.

the only reason the club opened at 2:30am was because 2 of the cdjs were not working....it took them a while to sort out the equipment issues.

have a good feeling the next danny @ stereo date will be soon !


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hey mike! i didn't know you were on here! :)

i really hope this set gets released. *crossing fingers.* can't wait for the next time @ stereo!
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Well this is late therefore I'm not going to get into a full review but -

- the word "legendary" has been mentioned. It's not an exaggeration.
- liked how he started off with some mellow stuff. Wish he could have stuck with it longer but he's a dj who plays to his crowd (and we all know the Stereoheads like it hard)
- by far the dirtiest Howells set I've ever heard. I'm going to get flack for this but Howells in "dig deeper" mode is very akin to Lawler's relentless, epic, big room sound. Very few vocals at all, def not a night of housey/groovy Howells stuff.
- 5am-ish & "Are You Doing It With Me?" = huge smile on my face
- I swear he was channeling Tenaglia from noon for an hour or so - some loooong tracks with atmospheric elements that just blended into each other
- quite happy to hear some breaks at the very end - cause he hardly plays breaks out anymore!

p.s. fantastic hanging out with the large TO crew & seeing the Boston peeps as well!