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Danny Howells @ Aria


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danny(!) reverse doubleheader part deux!

after a long drive, and some serious st. sulpice drinking action, we arrived at aria last night around 3:30/4:00 am to a fairly slow moving line up to get in. however, all of the people in line were apparently going to the hip hop room upstairs, cos when we actually got downstairs, the place was practically empty. i have never seen it that slow, at that time of the night. it was so wierd. ran into tribelurkergrrl right off the bat, which was a pleasant surprise as we didn't know she was going to be there. :)

so, we decided to head up to the couch area cos we figured well, why not sit down now while we have the chance before danny goes on? being that i was absolutely exhausted from friday night, i think i *actually* passed out on the couch for like 5 min. and let it be known that i do not, as a general rule, sleep in clubs! then when i woke up i was freezing to death as the A/C was cranked but there were no people in there. like, we're talking actual shivering. so we're waiting, and waiting for danny to arrive, which we originally figured would be 4 or so. it turned out that he wasn't actually going on until 6 am and i think the club normally closes around 10ish. so, at this point i was freezing, could barely stay awake, was in a foul mood, was envisioning some short 3 hour set, and thus, i think it can be said the aria portion of the night wasn't really starting off too well. we also figured that since there was no one there, they might close the club early, which would mean a short danny set, and that is just not right. ;) also heard conflicting things from various people about set times etc.

however, things ended up turning around completely. thankfully the place had filled up quite a bit by 5:30 or so ("danny miracle" #500!). the opening dj was playing pretty hard by this point, but as soon as danny came on, he brought it down perfectly to do his danny thing and then built up to this really dark, techy assault. normally, when he goes into his techno bit, i'm kinda thinking "ok, i've had enough, when is this gonna be over?" but not last night. i loved it. it was actually quite similar to his "space of sound" set that is floating around. i would say that it was one of the best sets that i've ever heard him play. i haven't had a proper dancing session like that since, oh...probably the last time he was at aria with digweed in september, since the music was just too good to sit down to. he ended up playing until shortly after noon and had to leave to catch a flight, so who knows if he would have played longer otherwise? in any case, i was very happy with the 6 hours we finally got.

this was such an enjoyable danny doubleheader weekend. i loved his sets on both nights, got ample opportunity to chat with danny (it's been a while!), and danced my ass off. brilliant! it was much needed. and no extra-wierd sketchy aria people, like the previous couple of times we've been. we even had time to actually hang out in montreal (which never happens) for the world cup final at a friend's place. my only real complaint is that i would have liked to have seen more people turn up last night. however, that meant there was plenty of room for ass shaking on the dancefloor.

anyways, i am going to go die of exhaustion now. or maybe just pass out for 14 hours, we'll see.
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I'm impressed. That's a very thorough review for 1:39 AM! ;)

Things did look a bit down at first, especially once my beer and poutine wore off. But everything always works out in the end.

I absolutely loved Danny's set. It was pretty much what I imagined he would have played at This is London had he actually done a 6 hour set as advertised. Lots of the same big tracks and some really quirky stuff right near the end. The smaller than expected crowd did not put a damper on the energy level in the place, especially since most of the people around when Danny started at 6am were clearly there for the long haul.

And so ends another successful Danny reverse double-header. A big thank you to Mandapanda and Psyrel for keeping me entertained on the ride up to Montreal and back ... even though you guys were cheering for France. :p


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I wasn't cheering for France... I just like their goalie.

p.s. we really should have taken up Danny's offer to use his hotel room!


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I really liked his Aria set. Very techy/minimal sounding, something I expected as he tends to play harder at the end of a 3 day stretch. But surprisingly I didn't find it boring as I've done in the past - I think my musical tastes are changing, lol. Totally loved how experimental he was being - adding loops, stretching out the breakdowns, layering samples - especially towards the end of his set. It's that magic "I'm just messing around" vibe that sadly he hardly ever does (or does as much of) here in Toronto. Just another reason that makes the Montreal roadtrip worthwhile.

Thanks for a great double header guys & sorry I fell asleep on the way back home.
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