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Daniel Bell mix on Andrew Duke's In The Mix

Andrew Duke

TRIBE Member
just added to the Andrew Duke's In The Mix archive on
--an exclusive guest DJ mix from Daniel Bell; sounds as
fresh as the day it was recorded in 1999; tracklist:

1. Farben "Live at the Sahara Tahoe" (DM Klang)
2. Lo Soul "Synchro" (DM Playhouse)
3. Daniel Bell "The Wild Life" (US Elevate Special Projects)
4. DKB "Killer Loopz"
5. Paul Hester "Life Force" (UK Paper)
6. Problem Kids "I Will Lead" (UK Paper)
7. Daniel Bell "The Butterfly Effect" (DM Tresor)
8. Mike Ink "Pink" (DM Studio 1)
9. Super Collider (Cristian Vogel & Jamie Lidell)--"Darn Cold Way O' Lovin'"
(Derrick Carter remix) (UK Loaded)
(re: tracks 1-9: this is a rough draft of the the DJ mix CD Bell would release on Tresor in 2000 as The Button Down Mind Of Daniel Bell)
10. Daniel Bell--"Beyond + Back" from "New Horizons" compilation EP (US Seventh City)

upcoming Daniel Bell dates:
March 31 Compression LA
April 14 Boston
April 22 Electro 2m6 Festival Zaragoza Spain
April 28 Sud Electronic London
April 29 Tenax Florence

Hope you enjoy.
Take care.