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Danger Mouse - The Grey Album


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check this out y'all... my mission is to find a copy tomorrow on my day off. i'll letcha know the results in a hot minute.

from http://djdangermouse.com/

The Grey Album is an art project/experiment that uses the full vocal content of Jay-Z's Black Album recorded over new beats and production made using the Beatles White Album as the sole source material.

Danger Mouse insists he can explain and prove that all the music on the Grey Album can be traced back to the White Album and its musical content via sampling. Every kick, snare, and chord is taken from the Beatles White Album and is in their original recording somwhere.

This Incredible re-interpretation will be one to look out for and will be made available worldwide around Feb/March of 2004. The resulting record is a unique hybrid of work from one of hip-hop's fastest rising production stars via two of the most important musical and cultural forces ever.

In an incredible year, Danger Mouse has already received critical acclaim from his status as the Producer and DJ of the DM & Jemini duo. His work on their 'Ghetto Pop Life' debut showcased his enormous potential and 2004 will see Danger Mouse involved in several further projects.

Both the Beatles own remix project ('Let It Be... Naked') and Jay-Z's retirement Black Album are in stores now. At the time of writing, neither Jay-Z nor The Beatles were available for comment.
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sounds like an interesting idea! i'd like to hear it..
if you listen closely to the white album, you'll hear lots of nice breakbeats in the more upbeat tracks.

but really... this sounds like a BIG lawsuit waiting to happen...
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terrawrist III

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Originally posted by HMHA
thanks! enjoying it right now...

should be renamed the jiggabugs! :rolleyes:

me too....it's on me right now!...the only jigga thing Ive liked in AWHILE!...must be the beats, but who knows;)


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i'm a huge fan of mixing breakbeats with rock or more traditional instruments...like ztrip and others like do...

especially mixing legends like the beatles...

sounds dope!

terrawrist III

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yeh this is good right now...I don't see why Jay wouldn't be happy with it....ANYONE with any creative thibking would love their flow over beatles guitar licks


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I really like this album...I had it in my computer for the longest of times and never really took a listen to it. Until today.. I listened to that song.. "Public announcement"..which IMO is not a bad song. Very truthful song from his perspective and the musical arrangement is very good.

anyways...most of the album is pretty good...and I just wanted to bring this thread back up to share my thoughts on this album.

3/5 IMO.
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"allow me to introduce my-self-- my name is HOV... H to the O - V....... like the ceo of R-O- C.. no one can do it bettar"


I like the guitars too, sounds like that Indian sort of strings instrument that some Indian artists that I see on TV play.
And I guess the beatles were experimenting with that sound in the late 60' early 70's... so.... what is the name of that instrument..at the begining of the song??

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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apparently Jay-Z was all about the grey album and gave it full backing. after all, it was for creativeness like this that Jay-Z released an acapella version of the Black album.
it was Apple Records (owned by EMI I believe?) that tried to put the halt to it. greedy bastards.
the best part was that tons of online sites and communities came together and posted the mix up for download for a week as well. kinda like a virtual bitch slap to the record industry giants for trying to stop people from making music.

I love the Grey Album personally, probably because I enjoy both original sources for the music. I'm especially a fan of "Encore".
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he's coming to town...

with special guests Money Mark and J-Zone
Monday May 31st, 2004
The Opera House (735 Queen Street East @ Broadview)
Tickets are $25.50