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Dandy Jack/Mike Shanon/Murat


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How fuckin awesome was this night of music! Props to Mike Shanon for keepin it funky, props to Murat for keepin it jackn, and props to the crowd for staying long after the headliner and checkin out Murat and keepin the dancefloor packed... All in all a wicked night of techno. Thanks Mario J!
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Arthur Oskan

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set of the night goes to dandy; used an MPC live; a constant trip through perfection and imperfection. One of the more creative pa's i've seen in a long time.

good times at the bar -g



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unfortunately missed shannon, but i heard he was fuckin outta control.
dandy jack ROCKED me. some serious, serious techno grooves. CRAZY dope beats. man, i was doing crazy shit with my body!!!!!!!!!!!

was completely spent by the time murat came on, and his bpm's went up too much for me to stick round, but he was sounding intense.

great night of deep music.


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I must say, I had a great time at this event..
wicked music.

Got there around 11:30, and I was a little concerned I was going to be partying with only a few others (but my fear was quickly put away). Openning act was okay, setting the tone of teh night. Nice and deep...

Shannon came on and really funked things up. Heavy grooves, tight mixing and loads of layering. Shannon was a pleasure to watch and dance to. By the time he got on, footwork was really feeling it. Wicked set.

Dandy & Jack - awesome set. amazing sense of flow and wicked tunes. The energy from Jack (I assume), was great. It was obvious that he was really into it. They even played about 30 minutes of breaks towards the end of their set and then slammed down some techno again.

Murat - the man, the machine - what can I say. He brought up the bpm's and really delivered a slammin set. By this time, I was little tired though, so I could stick it out for the whole thing.

I have to say, the social aspect to this party was great. I especially have to think Destro and Judy for being so nice (next time, I'll buy some beers dude :D). It was nice meeting mrs. peacock, murat, mario j and several others.

Booty Bits

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i thought dandy jack played some really interesting music, and i mean interesting in a good way. that being said, it didn't keep me glued to the dancefloor at all. i just thought it was fun to listen to, and i was always excited to hear what they were going to do next. i also really loved their energy and stage presence.
murat came on around 3 and basically destroyed the place, in my opinion. he played exactly the kind of techno that i love to hear at a dance club. i am very, very glad that my friend convinced me to stay even though i was tired because murat definitely got me dancing and put a massive smile on my face.
i WISH he could have played the 1-3 slot, but hopefully he will come back soon and get a bigger crowd and an earlier timeslot.
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Dandy Jack was the boy and the Junction SM was the girl.
I stood in line at the Horseshoe for 30 minutes and I was almost at the front when I decided to fuck it and head over to Footwork around 1am.

I was in a tad of a foul mood because I was looking forward to hearing the Golden Dogs, but whatever.

I can't really speak for the opening acts because by the time I hit the dancefloor there seemed to be a little switch happening between Shannon and Dandy Jack. It was a pretty sweet live set, I must say, with some bleeps and bloops and twists and turns...

I wasn't blown away, they kept getting me into the zone and then I was thrown out of it. When I saw Murat milling around the DJ booth I started to get really excited, although it seemed that Mr. Jack didn't want to get off the turntables.

mmm Murat. We built this city on THAT kind of techno and I for one, have not forgotten it. That beat poundin shit has got the special place in my heart that makes me a little wet in the pants. Danced til the very end and wanted more... boo!

Ran into a lot of people, danced a lot, smoked WAY too much reefer (I get to start drinking again soon, so I'll start not being able to remember people's names cuz I was too drunk rather than not being able to remember cuz I was too baked :p)

Got to initiate crazy Dave Hill to the joys of Toronto Techno. I thought since he was such a house-head that he wouldn't like Murat so much. Luckily, I was wrong. My braiiiiiin. I'm taking next weekend off. I'm going home for some zzz and a much-needed weed detox. Save us all. ;)


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christ! that was a great time!

went super early to chill and listen to some good music and somehow ended up getting in for free. WTF? fabulous!

i'm pretty sure it was terrence kissiner warming the place up nice w/ some good minimal and deep stuff, though nothing minimal about the amount of beer i was consuming to warm myself up!

shannon didn't disappoint, and dandy and his girl were just plane dope, playing all kinds of kwirky sounds, nice and refreshing for the ears. sick little audio odyssey they took me on.

murat was slammin', and I loved it, but i started to puss-out as my energy and enthusiasm began to waver.

the crowd seemed great, and i met and hung w/ some good people (tx. for the beer destro), but if i take anything away from this one, it's the music.

Destro Sanchez

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mike shannon was right.on.
probably the 56th or 78th time seeing him, and he still never disappoints. never.

dandy jack&junction SM were interesting, missed them at Mutek and this sorta made up for it (but somehow I doubt it..)

Murat - twice in one year.....from none over the last x??? Sounded similar to the previous set at the same club, it was going good, but we left after an hour or so. We started the evening early at a sweet bbq (that was me with the mesquite/hickory scent...sorry) and were deadbeat by 4.

And to the person who jacked my friend's green hoodie - you can return it to me in confidence, I won't do anything but return it to her. Wouldn't really expect that at a tight dancehall like Footwork.



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Destro Sanchez said:
And to the person who jacked my friend's green hoodie - you can return it to me in confidence, I won't do anything but return it to her. Wouldn't really expect that at a tight dancehall like Footwork.

you should email them to see if they found it (just in case it was misplaced instead of taken). forgot a hoody there a while ago and was happy when i got it back.
(416) 913-3488
info AT footworkbar.com
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