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Dancing With Robots (Electro / Tech House)


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This is a much darker, brooding Electro House / Tech mix. The tunes have grown on me more and more with every play, so I hope you like the darker blips and bleeps contained within.

Influenza - Marinko & Lili
Jaggatron - Mogi
Symbiotica - Marinko & Lili
Untitled - Adam Beyer
Softgumshoes - BVoice, Khz
Wicked Line (DJ Fex Experimental) - Martin Eyerer
Squirreled - Nic Fanciulli
I Love Your Shoes - Cass & Mangan
My MTV (D.Ramirez 'Evil Business Mix') - Noir
Nasty - Freakx
Lover (Satoshi 3D Voc Mix) - Chab



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mikeryan said:
This is so weird. My new mix has robots and dancing in the title too! Fuck!
OMG!! It's like there is not enough originality in this world to go around or something!!

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Are you really that surprised? 6 billion people and 2 billion are tribe DJ's. I think we're going to get some mix name overlap every once in a while...