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dan medland - February 2006 Promo (tribal)


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Hey All,

I put together a mix for you to have a listen to. I've played in Ottawa for years, and just recently moved to Toronto. Let me know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.


Dan Medland - February 2006 Promo

1) Horney United - Why Do You Call? (Sobek's Chill End Remix)
2) Sweet Love DJ's - Good Vibe (Paco Maroto Dub Remix)
3) BPT and Saeed Younan - Moody (Saeed Younan Remix)
4) Richard Dinsdale - Mesmerize
5) The Vintage - To Believe (Eddie Amador Remix)
6) Feindish House - Down to the Ground (RPO Part 1)
7) Matthew Duffy - Electric Shock (Light Go Out Dub Mix)
8) Joeski and Chus - El Amor (Mucho Drums Mix)
9) Eric Entrena and RPO - Closer (Original)
10) Steve Angelo - Tribal Inc. (Original Mix)
11) David Ferrero - Tribal Sequences
12) Jesse Garcia - Let's Get Happy (Original Mix)
13) Cynthia Taylor - Ooo La La (Kevin Maroda Remix)
14) Peter Presta - Sensation (Mario Ochoa Remix)
15) Mert Yucel - Mickey Bizness (Original Mix)
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