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Damn, the Prairies are bare.


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First chance I've had to access a computer in days, and it has been some fun times...a 26 hour travel from St. Catherines to Winnepeg, and 8 hours yesterday through the prairies from Winnepeg to Saskatoon...at U of Sask. right now, and there's a hell of a lot of snow here....later we head to Regina, then it's off to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver before heading to home sweet home:)



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Originally posted by Fir3start3r
How's that representin' trip goin' anyways?
Everything's been great...by the time the tour wraps up in Vancouver, I'll have taken well over 200 photos....I've met many great people, and have drank more than my fair share of rum;)

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it's funny...26 hours from st kitts to winterpeg ... go the other way & you'd be in miami, across an entire country from north to south...as opposed to only making it through ontareareo...

have fun the rest of this week toby, & see you when you get back...

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Originally posted by MC Bias
by the time the tour wraps up in Vancouver, I'll have taken well over 200 photos....

were most of them of you fingering your ass in front of a mirror?

p.s. isn't about time to start a new crush thread :rolleyes: