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Damn Looney Bins!!!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by K_la, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. K_la

    K_la TRIBE Member

    I live in a bachelor apartment, I love the apartment, its big and comfy. Tragically the rest of the house is a rooming house ,in the most g to the hetto part of Peterborough. There is this one guy that’s making me go almost as crazy as he is!!!

    This one guy upstairs, we call Santa, as his is fat and has a white beard, is the most whacked out OCD skitzo I have come across. Having spent most of my youth at King and Dufferin, I have seen many a skitzos, but NOTHING compares to this guy. Before he moved in I would enjoy dinners on my backyard deck. I have a GIGANTIC backyard that at one time was full of flowers and lovely things like that. The house was beautiful when I moved in, some old lady used to own it and had freshly painted all the rooms, and had the sweet old lady wall paper everywhere. It really was like a peaceful country home, stuck in the slums of Peterborough.

    Of course "Santa" had to change all that, unfortunately this is evil Santa, of which his only gift is filth!

    At first I didn’t notice him when he moved in. Him and his gf kept to his room. BUT Santa has an OCD problem, where he rifts through every person’s garbage can in this city. What he deems his "treasures" he brings back home. His room is now so crammed that he can barely open the door and can no longer sleep in there. So he now sleeps near the staircase and his gf on the kitchen chair. None of this bothers me as I live in my own apartment, but the other ppl living in the rooming house section have to put up with his shit. To make matters worse, his gf usually pisses her pants on the kitchen chair and the upstairs part reeks of urine.

    Now that he can no longer live in his room his spends is many unemployed hours in MY part of the back yard. Once an oasis for flowers and tranquility has been over-run by his filth. There are now at least 8 bikes in the back yard; very few of them actually work. He has 3 picnic patio sets, all which are broken and basically useless, even more so than Harmonikas posts. The flowers are now covered with coffee mugs??? Don’t ask me. The flowers pots on the garage are a refuge for his smurf dolls and stale bread, of which he will sit and watch all day, as if the fucking smurf will magically jump from one flower pot to another and start eating his mouldy green bread. It’s as if it is his idol and he worships it daily, his bread his is pinnacle of treasures.

    My deck, which I used to enjoy, now has yet another of his picnic tables, two broken vacuums, two suitcases, a snow blower and tons of other shit. Of course he has accumulated all this in the few months he has been at the house.

    My father is the owner of the house, and trying to be kind to Santa, as Santa is a crazy mofo, has given him many warnings... my father wants to see good in all ppl... where I couldn’t give a rats ass for most of humanity! Finally enough was enough, so he got his eviction notice 2 weeks ago. Since then he is kissing my ass, thinking it will help him stay here. Everyday I get a knocks on my door, "Im going to paint you deck, I just want to help your father" or the worse of which is now a daily occurance "Would you like some bread, its very yummy, here have 3 loaves". He gets so much bread from the food bank, and then with his grubby hands tries to give it to me. On garbage day the cans will actually be 3/4 full with his stale bread, the nut case actually gets around 6 loaves a day. This proves there is a problem with the food shelters, why is it a crazy can get enough food to feed Ethiopia, but a starving mother gets dick all?

    I can’t take this, I can no longer go outside in my own backyard as his refuge of trash is repulsive, and his pestering is intolerable! I don’t even know where my recycling bins are anymore as he has taken them over, and puts used bottles of pop, which he finds in the neighbours recycling bin, fills them with water and leaves them in the recycling bin?!?!?! I once spent ½ and hour emptying all of them just so that the recycling truck would take them, them he had the audacity to yell at me for doing so!

    I hate crazy ppl, oh please may Brave New World become a reality, put this fool to his rest!!!

    End of rant
  2. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    Go Peterborough!

    Where is your house?
  3. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    Maybe he was just collecting all that stuff to give away come Christmas. Now you've gone and ruined Christmas.
  4. finary

    finary TRIBE Promoter

    well i hope everything works out for you. that was a very entertaining read... i cant believe how much crap he's accumulated in such a short amount of time!

    good luck! oh and great Harmonika reference! *chuckle*

  5. K_la

    K_la TRIBE Member

    Right by Little Lake, close to the Electric Clove
  6. catilyst

    catilyst TRIBE Member

    "He has 3 picnic patio sets, all which are broken and basically useless, even more so than Harmonikas posts"

  7. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    Mean people suck, but at least you can get angry with them.

    Crazies are a pain in the ass, as you get angry your racked with more pathos.
  8. K_la

    K_la TRIBE Member

    Crazies also suck as they are very irrational. The lady that takes care of renting out the house out for me father, moved a pile of his shit. He FREAKED OUT, to the extent of hiding a metal poll in the trees claiming he was going to beat her to death next time she came by. I wish I could see his reaction when she delivered his eviction notice, Hells Bells!!!

    The funniest part is that his only mode of transportation is a crappy bicycle, and he has more junk than the average millionaire has possesions. I have no clue how he is going to move it all. The more I think about it though, the less funny it becomes, as Im sure my father will volunteer me to help transport it all to the dump... time to get another tetnus shot!!!

    My house is supposed to be a dry house, my dad hates boozers. My next door neighbours know this, and chuckle when the see me drinking beer. They chuckle and say, why is it that your father doesnt allow beer but allows crack! He calls Santa and his gf Frick'n, Frack.
  9. catilyst

    catilyst TRIBE Member

    Seriously though, if you said your dad owns the building, try to convince him to issue a warning, with well defined rules about garbage and litter, cause thats really what that crap is. Understand at the same time that his mental illness has basically blinded him (and her) to reason, but at the very least if it gets worst you'll have a better case when its time to evict.
  10. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    Weird - I grew up real near there. Aylmer/Romaine - right on the corner.

    See you at the t-wharf?

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