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Daft Punk


I really enjoyed that!

Probably as much for the whole package thing more than anything else, tho there were a couple of really crazy versions of some of their tunes that were damn good on their own too. But the visuals along with the music was just perfect. And the suits! Moment of the night was during the encore when the suits lit up with those orange lines.... i can't describe it, but everyone there will know what i mean.

Sounds cheesy i'm sure but i really liked at the end how they kept flipping back and forth between Human and Together, with all those visuals of people from around the world(pun sorta intended). Just a real nice way to end things and say something.

Some people will prob. criticize it for being extremely similar to other shows they've done, and i personally would have liked to hear a broader range of tunes.... they certainly have a shitload of great ones they could use.... but man it was a great show.

Fuckin great concert!


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AshG said:
And the suits! Moment of the night was during the encore when the suits lit up with those orange lines.... i can't describe it, but everyone there will know what i mean.

you should have checked out kraftwerk the last time they were in town. their lines were green but it was frikkin cool.


i really wish i had, now that you mention it. i'll bet the kraftwerk show would have been similarly fucking awesome


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this clip wasn't from the tour, but an mtv awards show. it was unwordly to see kraftwerk live for the first time, but if the ricoh center looked like this it would have been kick ass.

excuse kylie at the beginning....


yup, totally similarly awesomeness. tho i'd say thomas and guy's suits are better. and the pyramid... fuck that thing really takes things up a notch. crazy ass shit going down.
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i wish i had known you were there glee...

i will agree, the euphoria that set in as their suits lit up was just undescribeable, but more so when they turned around and their backs had their logos on it.

i will say i am glad they played "superheroes", or at least the vocals, before going in to the other track... together was so much of a surprise, but the kind when all is well with the world, and the moment was locked into memory.
i only wish they had come up for another encore, or at least made a wardrobe change into the dog costumes.

i missed not hearing that song "pheonix" or "high fidelity" off their first album, but got over it quick!!

Stardust was icing on the creme....

by that time i needed a towel to clean out my pants!!!

all in all a great night

and i decided to go one further

i bought the autographed poster, 1 of 7, to me worth every penny



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zoo said:
pretty much the best concert experience ever :)

sorry to those who didn't go ...


zoo said:
somebody post pics! i have none!

The Rapture


Pics by Res.....









Im surprised I didn't see you at the front zoo. You must've been on the middle to the left side of the stage.
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im thoroughly satisfied :)

..first off, please forgive the length of this post; this is what happens when u have insomnia and can't get a certain daft punk track out of your head..


it's great that every1 (so far) seemed to have a good time :)

..I think they must be putting something in the water over there in Paris cuz those 2 guys dished out some of the siiickest beats i've ever heard at a live show..

I saw their dj sets @ hyperactive a few years back, and i was a lil disappointed cuz it didnt seem to have that 'daft punky' sound i love..but i knew their live shows were supposed to be out of this world...

I made it a point not to watch too many of the vids of their prev shows on this tour cuz i heard the visuals/lighting were supposed to be top notch..and i didnt wanna spoil it for myself.. for the first 15 minutes of their set, i was just in awe.. there was definitely a lot of thought and work put into this production..
I kinda had an idea what to expect re: the music tho,

....but actually being there:
-seeing them *live* at the controls and in costume;
-watching all the [perfectly syncronized] lights/visuals;
-being surrounded by so many people with so much engery;

just added a unique dimension to this concert that i did not expect..
..I even saw a security guard on the stage getting his groove on! :D ..nOice!

Definitely up there as one of the best concerts i've been to!

I was a little wierded out by the crowd at first..(a very diverse bunch).. but that feeling went away when i saw that every1 was just groovin to the music like me.. goes to show ya that good music can bring people together regardless of their differences (sounds lame i kno lol)..

At the end, when the outfits the guys were wearing started to glow in that crazy orange alien sorta way..(im colourblind so i dunno what actual colour it was)..:O HOLY WOW!!:O The place just exploded with energy again!! ..i can swear i heard some stardust coming out of those speakers for a bit too.. nOice!..having their logo's glowing away on their backs as they left the stage was a nice touch..

Those 2 guys definitely know a thing or two about 'style'..!!

I was kinda worried that the sound system at Arrow Hall would not do them justice (ie: memories of the Prodigy concert) ..but i wasnt disappointed this time around (bonus!)..(albeit i was near the front for the entire time so i dunno how it sounded at the back)..

I tried to dance..bad idea..it was pretty crowded where i was.. probably would have found some space to dance at the back..but its not often that i experience such a quality show like this and i wasnt abt to deprive myself of that!..

ps: it was fun partyin with my bro (zach) and his gf (angela).. geez it's been years!


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oh yea..

what was with all the flying debris?
..and a kid beside me got nailed in the head by a flying glowstick and later by a rogue water bottle..poor guy..

throwing stuff that can hurt some1 is not cool. plain and simple.


Chicago Kid

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HOLY FUCK...what a night. I just got home from a solid five hours at Footwork. Daft Punk was fucking incredible...I blew my load about 15 times. I'll post a proper review later but gotta go to bed. If anybody saw the dude dressed as the robot with the helmet and tin foil antennas...that was my buddy Ryan and I was with him all night. We couldn't walk 3 feet without everybody and their dog taking pics of him. Some fine-ass females in the mix tonight too. Footwork rocked.



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SneakyPete said:
That was a rave!!!

Yes! Old school meets new school

Wow! That was one of the best live electronic music experiences I've had. Da Funk and Around The World sounded so good. And I liked how they'd drop little teasers of tracks over other tracks.

For anyone who was by the sound board, did you see that old guy wearing a Daft Punk tshirt and eye patch? What a trip.
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My legs are a jello-y mess today. Why am I even up? What was the 1st track they played in their encore?? That brought the house down. The energy at that concert was riduculous everyone ws so hyped and DP did not disappoint. Ed Banger was just so more icing on what was truly a glorious day.

le bricoleur

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i was almost in tears when they dropped that edit of around the world and harder, better, faster, stronger with the screaming electro guitar riff. (you can hear it in the video someone posted in this thread)


i had a lot of fun rocking out with my neon crew (kat, tyler, krzysiu)


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I had a blast. Old skool rave style with older people. So tired. Props to vinder and tobywan. The visuals and sound were amazing. So glad to experience this.

Leaving the venue was a beeotch.


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this was amazing x a zillion. you couldn't have asked for a better show.

we came in to the rapture. who suck balls. seriously. they're completely generic, the front-man sounds like a poor man's british perry farell and it's just kind of indiscriminate sounding pap.

sebastian and kavinsky played a dope set, but it was hard getting into it (for other people) because the lights were on.

when daft punk came on, it was OVER. sick! they're so committed to their image and the entirety of their EVERYTHING that it's so exciting to witness. i want to be their friends.
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suddenly sweetdaddy doesnt look look so stupid for loving daft punk so much eh?!!!!


are bus of 35 all had a spectacular night.

best added bonus...the bus driver only had a tape deck, so i grabbed the one tape in the house i had. unlabelled...no idea what it was.....put it on as we left for the show, and it was DAFT PUNK ALIVE 1997!!!..

ha ha ha,.,,,what are the odds?

daft punk is the best.
that show was perfect.
crowd energy was through the roof.
awesome sound....lights speak for themselves.
fun fun fun

DJ Doublecross

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Best concert of my life! Holy shit. Can't even describe all the moments, but it'll be one to remember for years.

Ed Banger afterparty was bonkers too. What a fucking night. It'll never be topped.


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What an awesome show - definitely in my top three concerts of all time. I'd seen some highlights of their show on YouTube and had thought that might ruin it for me but it most definitely did not. The real thing was a crazy awesome light show that is only hinted at in video. A fun night out.

I did feel sorry for Daft PUnk as they must have been freakin hot in those helmets and suits. It was super warm for me in there and I wasn't wearing half of what they were wearing! Hopefully they had some air conditioning being blasted at them in their pyramid.

It was nice running into you Lil'Timmy :)
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