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Dacat -Ibiza/NYC @ hard+soul -Sun.Jan.20th


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taboolife presents:

Sun.Jan.20th, 2002

Dacat Ibiza/NYC

residents: hali & rod g.

the livingroom
330 adelaide st.w
www.hardandsoul.com (press on date for info)
cover: $10

Dacat bio:

Born in France, his first musical influences were Soul,Funk and Latin music. But in the Hip Hop environment that he grew-up, he eventually came in contact with the new sound called house, at the end of the 1980s. He discovered the house sound from New York and Chicago spoke to him on both a musical and personal level. Instead of being on the sidelines, he jumped into the scene and discovered some incredible parties. It was after his first summer at Ibiza that he began to seriously consider being a DJ.

He debuted in the south of France in Marseille, then Paris but it was at Ibiza that he took his residence at a club called Pacha, where he played for Zenith night.
Little by little he improved and played in places like de l'Iles and played in the best clubs like CAFE DEL MAR,JOCKEY
During the winter he began playing in New York and San Francisco.
Influenced by the house scene of New York his musical style is a mixture of Deep sound, Afro/tribal beats, Latin flavour, vocal house and dark groovy tracks.
One to watch out for in 2002!
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