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Da Sunday Thread


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Don't let that sunshine fool ya kids, it's daaaaaaaaaamn cold out there...gonna be chilly all day. However, won't stop me from heading downtown later on. My gig last night surprisingly a good time, not TOO many annoying drunk bitches, but there were some to at least fill the quota...

Just waitin' for the 3rd period of the Finland/Sweden Gold medal game to start, and I didn't have any milk or cream, so I've had to resort to coffee whitener...*shudder*

So who got drunk and stupid last night?

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I think Mark got stupid drunk last night...I went to bed at 10:30 and slept til 8:30. I dragged him outta bed to go to Maggie's for breakfast, just got back with the paper and am planning on spending today doing absolutely nothing...(AGAIN)
woo productive weekend. I blame friday night.


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Ravenous and getting ready to hit up buffet brunch with Michael, babsteen and her hunk of Frenchie man.


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Poot said:
Ravenous and getting ready to hit up buffet brunch with Michael, babsteen and her hunk of Frenchie man.

Fun times seein all of you on friday
LAst night was otay, my body says goes back to bed, but my mind says get the fuck up! I'll go out for a walk around the city, see if anyone wants to chill, then watch some flickage as it is lazy sunday

nice sunshine though.
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Might go out for brunch but that's pretty ambitious. First up is coffee and newspapers, then volunteering, then catching up on some work.


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got woken up at 7AM this morning to my neighbour banging his flavour of the night and her moaning super loud
my neighbour also brought the roomy and i lattes
going out with mom,sis and niece for lunch and manicures
then home to do laundry and smoke a j before dinner :)
all in all a good sunday
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montreal is too much fun. love living here.

last night hit some nuit blache actvitivies, first starting off with a bboy/bgirl competition and then going to various things to make up the night

going to housesit and watch Jack and make some cookies or bars or whatever. Then hitting the library tonight if the study buddy is around.


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DJ Doublecross said:
Methinks video games may be in order today.

always on sunday:)

fuck it i'm a geek everyday is a video game day.....

btw we came up with a lil someting yesterday doing the ROBOT solves EVERYTHING it's like holding up mentos...

shit it spilt beer on you!!! *robot* how can u get mad at The Robot?
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It's still absolutely freezing here in Ottawa, but I promised myself I would be productive today...and I HAVE to get outta the apartment before I start climbing walls. It's beautiful and sunny outside, but the windchill is -25C...fuck you windchill. :mad:


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Stormshadow said:

I'm jealous...I love Montreal.

you should come down dave! we can yell at the quackers, eat poutine and smoked meat sammiches. uuuuuuuugh!

you can crash my place seeing as how I'm always at your place whenever I'm back in town. heh heh.
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