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D-monic-"Breaktech"... an old(ish) school flex

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by king of Funk, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. king of Funk

    king of Funk TRIBE Member

    Having just downloaded the Carl cox- Phuture 2000 (hybrid mix), I just wanted to give props to one of my favourite mix tape selections..... kicks the living shit outta any "dark" breaks being played today.

    Lead on Danny Boy, they don't call you "The Don of the mix tape selection" for nothing.


    DJ MONKEY TRIBE Promoter

    Shut the FUNK up Ali, No one gives a funk what you think!

  3. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    yeah, an interesting tape. more of the floatey morning breaks selection, but good none the less.
    I actually got that tape for free @ a PurePhunk event in London years ago.
    I remember how many times I listened to the last track of the tape (the Buddy Ralph Madonna choon). a damn good end note.
  4. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    I like that one, especially the first side. *tasty* Live @ The Shot is another excellent D-Monic mix.
  5. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    i did that too to my tape. endlessly rewinding that part. such a good track!

  6. o0Ira0o

    o0Ira0o TRIBE Member

    This was one of my Fav breaks tapes of all time. It was one of the only nu skool tapes kicking around at the time it came out, and that was the sound I was hooked on.

    I'm surprised this tape never melted in my car. It's funny this comes up now, b/c Charade and I were just talking about it on the weekend.

    Dan, do you have an mp3 of this around? I've since lost my copy of the tape I think, and would love to give it a listen again.

    Peace Ira
  7. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    If D-Monic doesn't have an mp3, and doesn't mind, I can hook up an mp3 copy of this tape. But I'll wait until he gives the thumbs up - no sense stepping on toes here. ;)
  8. o0Ira0o

    o0Ira0o TRIBE Member

    Yea, that's cool Seeker. I fully understand that one.

    And I wouldn't ask for a copy if I didn't already buy the tape... then lose it. haha

    If you don't support the locals (*cough*is a local*cough*), who will? :D

    Peace Ira
  9. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    I'll upload the MP3's tonight. (Made from the original CD master)

    As well as what the covers were supposed to look like! :D
  10. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member


    I'm out of space, so get these while you can. I'll be taking them down on Monday

    (if you can see the pict of the cover, the MP3's will still be availible)

    Breaktech - Trance Side: Here
    Breaktech - NuSkool Side: Here

    Recorded: Spring 2000
  11. jungleboy

    jungleboy TRIBE Promoter

    ...yeah that was kind of bizarre Ian...as was most of that weekend...
  12. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    ahhh.... suh-weet! when my tape was delivered from tripledecks it was just in a case w/ no J-card. Cheers D-Monic! :)
  13. o0Ira0o

    o0Ira0o TRIBE Member

    Thanks Dan :)

    Peace Ira
  14. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    I second the motion! Listened to this again today... :cool:
  15. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    Oh the things I do to please you people... ;)

    I'm actually tackling the mammoth task of re-organizing my records this weekend, so I'll start pulling out some stuff for a Breaktech 2.

    I like these little challenges.
  16. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    <kissing ass to get new beats> we like the results! </kissing ass to get new beats>

  17. king of Funk

    king of Funk TRIBE Member

    That was my plan all along....[evil laugh] ha,ha,ha,ha [evil laugh]


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